Registration Conditions Flawed and Unacceptal

Requirements of "valid Sudanese Passport, Nationality Certificate or Sudan’s National Identity card , on the basis of information and statistics obtained from Sudanese embassies abroad is utterly flawed and unacceptable."

Subject: An Open Letter Regarding Conditions of Eligibility for Voters Registration for South Sudanese in the North of England.


The people of South Sudan living in Manchester, Bolton, Liverpool, Leeds and other towns in the north of England, Scotland and Ireland would like to express their gratitude for your exerted and commendable efforts in making Sudan’s electoral law and voters’ registration process a success story in the history of the country. We would also want to register our sincere thanks for your most esteemed consideration for ensuring wider participation of all Sudanese people within and outside the country. Hopefully, your concerted efforts and the Government of Sudan’s genuine aspiration to embark on political, socio-economic, cultural, and democratic transformation will pay tangible dividends to the peace-loving people in Sudan.

While the Sudanese people and South Sudanese citizens in particular, residing in the above mentioned cities in the north of England, Scotland and Ireland are enthusiastically mobilized and actively seeking to register for the upcoming general elections in Sudan, disappointingly they met some unexpected hurdles which apparently make it difficult if not impossible to take part in this inalienable democratic right to vote in nation’s general election in 2010.

Mr. Chairman, we would like to bring to your attention that your General Secretariates’ Office decision to allocate voters’ registration centres, and set conditions of eligibility requiring the possession of either  a valid Sudanese Passport, Nationality Certificate or Sudan’s National Identity card , on the basis of information and statistics obtained from Sudanese embassies abroad is  utterly flawed and unacceptable. For simple fact, most Sudanese and South Sudanese people living in Diaspora, particularly those residing in the Western countries (such as Europe, Canada, Australia, etc) and East African countries (such as Kenya, Uganda, etc) were in opposition to the then unjust Policies of the Sudan Government. As a result, they had no links or not registered at any of the Sudanese embassies. Many South Sudanese did not bother to associate themselves with any Sudanese embassy. Hence, all the Sudanese embassies do not have all records about the South Sudanese across the Globe.

Therefore, your decision to allocate registration centres and conditions of eligibility based on the statistics of Sudanese residing in Diaspora is misrepresentative and disproportionate. This decision clearly alienates Southern Sudanese from being registered to vote in forthcoming national Elections.
Mr. Chairman, although the Sudanese embassy in London, in particular, has slightly relaxed the conditions for registration and now accepting to register those Sudanese living in the United Kingdom who are in possession of Sudan nationality certificate “jinsia” and national identity card “butaka shakhsia” yet the overall strategy falls short of any realistic vision for solving the problem. This is because the majority of South Sudanese in Diaspora and particularly those who hastily left their homeland (South Sudan) during the war did not have a chance to take along the required documents. In addition, South Sudanese in Diaspora who escaped dangers of war (between 1983-2005) have got children who are of voting age but because they were born outside the Sudan and are not in possession of any of the identification documents mentioned above; automatically they are deprived of their inalienable democratic right to register and vote in the upcoming general election in Sudan.

Mr Chairman, the majority of Southern Sudanese in the United Kingdom and Ireland, particularly our brothers and sisters who were recently resettled in the Greater Manchester Area, from East Africa are not in possession of any of the required documents for registration.

Mr. Chairman, We are requesting and strongly urging your most highly esteemed office to reconsider the conditions of eligibility for registration and subsequent voting process. In particular, we would appreciate if you could:

Extend voters registration period by at least two weeks to enable many South Sudanese in the Diaspora to be registered  and take part in this significant national event.

The voter’s registration committee must be inclusive of all the political and community organisations in the Diaspora. The registration of voters committee should not solely be monopolised by the embassy officials, who have no knowledge of the composition of the Sudanese communities in the Diaspora. We particularly would like Southern Sudanese to be represented in all the committees to help in the identification of South Sudanese nationals. We would like also the GOSS Mission offices abroad to be involved in monitoring the registration and subsequent voting processes.

In coordination with the Foreign Affairs Ministry in Khartoum, the GOSS Regional Cooperation Office in Juba, authorise Sudanese embassies and immigration officers to issue all the Sudanese and South Sudanese in particular with basic relevant identification documents necessary for registration and voting. We recommend the cost for processing these documents to be paid for by the respective governments.

Mr. Chairman, the Sudanese people in general and south Sudanese in particular still have faith in Sudan National Election Commission. In turn, they should exercise their legal and constitutional powers fairly to meet all the demands highlighted above. As citizens of Sudan, we believe that we will be accorded the democratic right to participate fully and freely in the registration process and subsequent voting in the National elections in April, 2010.


SPLM Chapter,
The UK
C C:
H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit, The President of GOSS
H.E. James Wani Igga, The Speaker, SSLA
H.E. Comrade Oyai Deng, Minister for Regional Cooperation
The GOSS Mission Office, London
The SPLM Chapter, London
The Sudanese Embassy, London

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22/11/2009, 2:25 PM
 - Posted by Christine Lukudu
This is very strange, am really surprised that Diaspora Suds have been given such conditions yet here in in the South, people are even registering with no documents. How do they expect a diaspora to have documents yet many southerners living in the South don't have even a mere birth certificate with all the access they have to it if they want??? If it is the South being so bureaucratic, I urge it not to and if its not, please intervene for the sake of diaspora Sudanese. That is why we need our freedom from all Northern laws. AM thankful that there are no documents required to register in the South because getting birth certificate, jinsia (national ID) or passport is hell here in the South especially for us Southerners who grew outside Sudan (hence we are termed to look different and are even victimized and called Kenyans, Ugandans etc just because we may be looking smarter, educated or unfamiliar with the local languages). Because of ignorance, illiteracy, sharia laws, southerners working at the immigration have been influenced and kind of islamized hence becoming rigid hence making life difficult for us former diaspora southerners. Please provide current diaspora southerners with documents if thats the condition imposed for them to register. However i wonder how long provision of documents will take coz am afraid the registration period will be over.
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