Residents Protest over Water Shortages in Kapoeta North County, Eastern Equatoria State

KAPOETA, May 10 (Gurtong) – Elders and women in  Riwoto, the Kapoeta North county headquarters, held a 2 - day peaceful demonstration over the perennial water shortages in the area.

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By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

The demonstration held on Thursday and Friday last week came in the wake of the failure of their 3 boreholes that broke down three and a half weeks ago, to function properly, hence starving them of the precious commodity.

A 34-year-old resident, Maria Nakiru, revealed that the 3 boreholes had been the only reliable sources of water in the densely - populated eastern part of Kapoeta North County.

In a response to the protest, the county authorities under the leadership of the County Commissioner, the acting head, Tito Abbas Lomoro, said his office, in collaboration with a non-governmental organisation, Carter Centre, had taken measures to address the issue by commissioning an urgent repair of the three boreholes.

He expressed hope that normal water supply will resume on Monday since the technicians would work throughout the weekend in collaboration with community members.

However, the Riwoto town Chief, Melkiore Iko, said the technicians lacked financial and logistical support and appealed to the State Government to address the issue.

The Project Supervisor of Carter Centre, Michael Samuel, asked the technicians to petition the Government for support in their work, adding that his organisation was willing to assist in the best way it could.

For the last few years, AAR-Japan, Well Water Company and Pact Sudan are among the NGOs that have been helping the South Sudan communities to drill water.

The coordinator of Carter Centre, Jennifer Burnett, called upon the county authorities and NGOs operating in the county and the local community to work together in order to attain peace and hence development in the county.

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