Some People Are Yet to Register: Nasir County Commissioner

The Nasir County Commissioner Major General Gathoth Gatkuoth has said that some payams in his county were not covered during the voter registration exercise due to logistical hindrances.

By Daniel Thon Deng

MALAKAL, 08 December 2009- “There are some payams in this county where people did not register due to logistical constraints and poor infrastructure, including lack of access roads that made it impossible to conduct the exercise”, said Major General Gatkuoth.

Addressing a press conference, the Commissioner appealed to the State National Electoral Commission (NEC) to extend the voter registration by some days so that the remaining payams can be covered.

“If possible, the government of the state should help in providing some means of transport to enable registration officials reach the payams that are accessible by land”, he said.

He however, said the voter registration exercise ended successfully in the county, adding that no cases of violence or irregularities were reported following close co-operation between the state authorities and the electoral commission officials.

Moreover, the Commissioner appealed to Upper Nile’s Nasir community residents residing in exile but without official documents to seek registration as it is their right to participate in the upcoming elections.

A number of states in South Sudan have complained to the NEC over low voter registration and most have requested for an extension of the exercise that was originally scheduled to end on 31 November 2009.

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