Kapoeta East Residents Protest Over Mosquito Nets

Kapoeta East County citizens have protested at the suspension of the planned distribution of mosquito nets that was set to commence last week.

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 09 December 2009 (Gurtong) – In enhanced efforts to combat malaria in South Sudan, a non-governmental organisation, Population Services International- Sudan (PSI-Sudan) has been distributing long lasting mosquito nets to women and children under the age of five.

“I wish to inform you that Kapoeta East County opinion leaders, youths, elders, women groups, politicians, chiefs and children are protesting against the suspension of mass distribution of mosquito nets in their county. They feel this is marginalisation of their county as other counties have already  fulfilled  the Government of Southern Sudan’s vision of  eradication of Malaria  in South Sudan”, said the acting Director for planning, budgeting and research in  Kapoeta East County Mr Narcis Popo German.

According to Mr Popo, the county citizens who are conscious of the importance of the mosquito nets blamed the suspension on politics and corruption, saying deaths from malaria were alarming.

They requested the county authority to continue with the distribution of the nets immediately since the voter registration had already ended.

About three weeks ago, the Eastern Equatoria State Government temporarily called off the continuation of nets distribution across the state to pave way for voter registration.

However, officials from the Government of Eastern Equatoria State told Gurtong that the Government took the initiative following numerous complaints from the grassroots that the exercise created confusion among the citizens, hence making them to fail to understand the two registrations taking place simultaneously.

The officials, however, said the suspended exercise will resume soon now that the registration of voters has been completed. 

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