Rumbek Central County: Petition Against Electoral College Committee Results in Lakes States

Particulary in Jiir Payam

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17/01/2010, 8:25 AM
 - Posted by Laat Ayie
To/ SPLM Political Bureau
Juba, South Sudan

January 16th, 2010
DOR Community
Matangai Payam, Rumbek Central County

Subject: Petition against Lakes State Electoral College

Excellencies in SPLM Political Bureau,

DOR community comprises of the following sub sections under (2) executive chief Mangar Dhal Manyiel and Maguet Thokriel under (1) regional Court:

These (2) executive chief makes up total of 5,000 voters of total 9,347 voters registered in Mtanagai Payam Constituency

We are writing to appeal against the decision of Electoral College that unfairly allocated seats among the 4 bomas in Matangai Constituency by allocating the total seats to only 2 Bomas, excluding the other 2 Bomas of Dor Community. We doubt the measure and criteria used to select the candidates though our Candidates are qualified compare to that of other 2 Bomas. Below are our reasoning’s:

1. (2) executive chief with population of 5000 voters are not represented in this election

2. total of (4) seats, 2 for Juba SSLA and (2) Lakes Legislative Assembly have gone for 2 bomas depriving the other 2 Dor bomas

3. All applicants from both sides have met the criteria required by Electoral College to be potential candidates on the SPLM ticket but they have not been considered by the committee.

Hence, we want our case to be carefully examined by SPLM political Bureau considering our DOR population that exceeded 5000 voters in (2) bomas Matangai and Abeer. Therefore, we appeal for the recognition by Political Bureau to motivate Dor community to elevate our spirit and encourage us to efficiently participating in this upcoming election by considering our candidates for State Legislative Assembl.

This complains or petition is put forth by members of Dor community undersigned below:

1. Laat Ayie Jal
2. Deng Machol
3. Adack Kosta Mapour
4. Matoul Manyiel Cindut
5. Martin Malual Boutholec
6. Mangar Dhal Manyiel
7. Majuec Thokriel
8. Assambo Magok Cindut
9. Dominic Deng Manyoun
10. Mataur Dhal Manyac
11. James Matak Gor
12. Wade Machol
13. Bol Peter Macuang
14. Deng Malual
15. Madit Mading
16. Dongrin Choul
17. Wetniak manyiel Cindut
18. Makuer Deng
19. Akot Nomare
20. Maper Akloldai
21. Benjkok Amour
22. Chol Makuer
23. Makuac Akholda
24. Maguet Thokriel
25. Cindut Ater Cindut
26. William mabor
27. Samuel Ater Wetniak
28. Mayek Adoar Agauch
29. Arou Malok Pou
30. Malual Diwan
31. Malual Jal Agokbill
32. Arop Ateny
33. Monydit Manyiel Cindut
34. Macheick manyiel Cindut
35. Ayie Jal Agokbil
36. Mayek Mager Manyiel
37. Anyoung Kuc Cindut
38. Mathaing makuel Cindut
39. Aluel Manyiel Cindut
40. Ayoul Wol Kual
41. Deing Ater Wonga
42. Ajak Dhal Manyiel
43. Diing Majak Malok
44. N yandor Managr Dhal
45. Abang Ayie Jal
46. Rial l Reith Toc
47. Adol Majak Rouai
48. Elizabteh Daniel Mabor Machol
49. Kuc Matoul Cindut
50. Machar Mayek Gum
51. Matot Teny Manyiel
52. Makol Teny Manyiel
53. Teny Manyiel Cindut
54. Mabor Wade Manyiel
55. Dut Dhal manyiel
56. Monydor Dhal manyiel
57. Manak Akuat Manyiel
58. Dut Manak Akuat Manyiel
59. Cindut Matoul Manyiel
60. Chol Ayie Jal
61. Gum Ayie Jal
62. Gum Ater Jal
63. Deng Maguet Thokriel
64. Thon Majak Thokriel
65. Matur Dhal Manyac
66. Mawud Gabriel
67. Gor Mading
68. Ayoual Deer
69. Marial Yuet Cindut
70. Maker Youet Cindut
71. Manyang Ceing Ayoual
72. Anayoung Ceing Ayoual
73. Mabor Cieng Ayoual
74. Meen Cieng Ayoual
75. Mangeth Ceing Ayoual
76. Maker Thon Malok
77. Mangar Thon malok
78. Laat Thon Malok
79. Gak Dut Makuel
80. Malith Deng Awanhom
81. Adeng Dut
82. Anein Alad Cindut
83. Mayom Awan
84. Awan Mayom Awan
85. Kuc Maloc
86. Makol Maleny
87. Marial Monydhel Ayoual
88. Mawom Monydhal Ayoual
89. Makur Bitpath
90. Makur Gor Mading
91. Magok Bitpath
92. Maliet Wade Manyiel
93. Maleny Manyiel Cindut
94. Deng Majur Dongrin
95. Laat Majur Dongrin
96. Maciek majur Dongrin
97. Majur Dongrin
98. Mangar Maker
99. Malou Womrow
100. Machieck Anyar
101. Macheick Mariual macueing

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