Sudanese Mark end of a 3-day Cultural Extravaganza held in Nairobi, Kenya

NAIROBI, January 19 (Gurtong) – A fairly sized number of Sudanese living in Kenya on Tuesday evening graced the final ceremony to mark the end of a three-day cultural festival, which kicked off on Sunday 17, February 2010.

Sudanese Mark end of a 3-day Cultural Extravaganza held in Nairobi, Kenya
Delegates from Sudan make a fashion march during the just ended cultural festival [© Gurtong]

By Margaret Katunge

The cultural event is the first of its kind to be held in Nairobi since the signing of the CPA in 2005. In attendance were also Kenyans. The Sudanese Embassy and the Sudanese Community League in Nairobi said the three day event at the Bomas of Kenya will be used to Celebrate Peace and Highlight Coexistence under the Theme “Sudan Cultural Diversity and Historical Perspective”.

Popular Musician, John Kudusay [© Gurtong]
Popular Musician, John Kudusay [© Gurtong]
The event has brought together Sudanese communities and delegates from the North, South, Central and Eastern regions, all living in Kenya. The cultural extravaganza coincided with the CPA 5th anniversary celebrations held in Yambio, February 19, 2010.

Among those who attended was Sudanese Ambassador to Kenya Majok Guandong, as well as other government representatives from all the regions.

Popular Sudanese musician John Kudusay led in song and dance sending the crowds into jovial frenzy. Taposa dance Group also joined with more dance and drama. Kwato Dancing Group, representing the whole of Sudan showcased the country’s diverse dance cultures. These were just a few of the musicians and entertainers lined up to participate in the closing ceremony.

A mini exhibition was also held on the side, showcasing diverse cultural artefacts from all the regions.

Earlier on, Gurtong correspondent conducted a brief interview with Yach Garang, a South Sudanese Masters student at the Catholic University in Nairobi, who is studying Political Philosophy, and is keen on studying principles that governments must adopt and apply in order to run the affairs of its people effectively. Yach is also a former child soldier who was disarmed in the year 1990, at twelve years of age, after which he says, "Reluctantly enrolled into school" through the help of a Good Samaritan who continues to support him to date.

Below is the interview session:


Gurtong: What do you aspire to do for your country once you complete your studies?

Yach: I aspire to be a first a teacher in local (Southern Sudan) Universities in order to impart the knowledge of their true identity and the need to re-define themselves and be proud of their identity. I also would like to join politics in bid to sensitize the Southern Sudanese of their identity and human rights which I feel have been denied and deprived to the people of South Sudan. I want to help liberate my fellow country men and women, whose rights have been infringed for many years.

Gurtong: Are you satisfied and happy with the CPA progress so far?

Yach: Yes, first and foremost I am very happy that Southern Sudan has some independence, even though semi autonomous, I am very optimistic that very soon we will fully be an independent country. Having an independent parliament in place that now legislates South Sudan Laws that are relevant to the people’s culture and lifestyle, unlike before when laws were "imported" and imposed on Southern Sudanese.

I am also happy about the political position of the South Sudan leadership in matters concerning the welfare and the future of its people. I am very happy about GOSS commitment and formulating education policies to ensure that every person will get an equal opportunity for both basic and advanced education. As we all know, education is key in empowering people to constructively participate in the affairs and future prosperity of the country as a whole.

The government has also introduced programs that give grants/sponsorship in education to the needy, an opportunity which the common person had no access before from successive governments. Also I am pleased with the empowerment of women and the girl child in accessing equal opportunities in education and governance.

Gurtong: What improvements would you like to see in the coming days?

Yach: I would like the Government of National Unity to be honest in wealth distribution as per the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, signed in 2005. The government should avoid any action or vices that are bound to jeopardise the future and general welfare of Sudan as a nation. Some of these vices are inter tribal clashes and incitement. Southern Sudan leaders should put aside personal ambitions that can sometimes jeopardise the future of Southern Sudan. I believe all leaders should be driven by the spirit of nationalism. Management of public resources must be handled with honesty and great responsibility, all for the good of the people.

Gurtong:  Any comments you wish to make regarding the upcoming elections?

Yach: I would like and hope to see peaceful and fair elections. That also means the government and its entire people should avoid circumstances that would trigger another war. That must be avoided at all cost. I also have great hope and optimism to see an independent and most developed Southern Sudan.

Gurtong: Thank you very much for sharing your insightful opinion on all the issues mentioned above.

Yach: It's been a pleasure sharing these humble opinions with Gurtong and I hope my voice, even though from a small person, will be heard and contribute to the overall reconstruction of Southern Sudan, both socially and economically. Thank you!


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20/01/2010, 4:48 PM
 - Posted by Lucy Amude
This is nice, but are there more cultural photos you can download on the website for us to view?
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