The 2010 Elections: UNDP gears up to support key CPA milestone

UNDP Southern Sudan Update, January 2010

Regular, free and fair elections are a defining feature of modern representative democracies. Elections not only help confer legitimacy on government officials, they also serve an important accountability function. In terms of state-building, elections are crucial.

The Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) calls for national elections to be held in 2010. This key milestone is an opportunity for Sudan to consolidate peace and gain international recognition. The process will also ensure that appointed politicians are replaced with officials chosen by the people. The National Elections Commission (NEC) has been tasked with implementing Sudan’s elections.

The body, which is based in Khartoum, sees this event as a vital first step towards improving democratic governance, sustainable peace, and development in Sudan. UNDP’s Support to Elections and Democratic Processes Project is assisting the NEC through the provision of material, logistical and capacity-building support.  READ FULL DOCUMENT


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