New Radio Station in Rumbek, Lakes State

A new radio station has been launched in the Lakes State capital, Rumbek.

By Manyang Mayom

RUMBEK, 26 January 2010 (Gurtong) -The community –based Catholic Diocese of Rumbek- owned Good News Radio went on air on Monday 25 January 2010 and broadcasts on 89 FM.

The Director of Good News Radio that is situated along Wulu Road in the town, Father Don Bosco Ochieng affirmed that Sudan Catholic Radio Network (SCRN) has now established six radio stations in South Sudan.

“The station in Rumbek is called Good News Radio which is translated to radio thong path in the Dinka language and becomes the sixth station to be established and covers a great part of South Sudan. Other stations are Bakhita Radio in Juba, Voice of Peace in Gidel – Nuba Mountains, Voice of Love in Malakal, Radio Emmanuel in Torit and Easter FM in Yei”, he said.

The Bishop of Rumbek Caesar Mazzolari, currently in Rome for a meeting, has congratulated all those who have worked hard to realise the remarkable achievement in the history of the diocese.

In his message to the Good News Radio director, Bishop Mazzolari said that the radio station will strive to remind listeners daily of God’s presence in their lives through its rich programs.

Stressing on the importance of content, the bishop said: “The Good News Radio will call us with its voice to come to the wisdom of letting what happens each day deliver a significant and constructive impact on our lives and on our world”.

The bishop added that the radio station’s programmes are intended to make events significant and “not a boring routine broadcast that does not touch our lives”.

The Director of Sudan Catholic Radio Network Sister Paola Moggi thanked all who had ensured the successful launch of broadcast services in Lakes State.

Lakes State now has two radio stations, the other being state-owned Rumbek FM 98 that has fell under tight censorship and community criticism in the past.

It is hoped that the two radio stations will offer the state residents adequate information on the forthcoming general elections and the Referendum slated for January 2011.

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29/01/2010, 8:29 PM
 - Posted by Amum Machar Machar
New Radio Station in Rumbek, Lake State

By Amum Machar

Reading such report about "New Radio Station in Rumbek, Lake State " was really good news for all of us. We should be all happy and thankful for Catholic Diocese of Rumbek and the Lake State communities for their tremendous efforts , they have put in bring such excess in any of devastated community.
Rumbek is known as an important town as the History of South and Sudan could tell. To the people of Lake State, and based Catholic Diocese of Rumbek, once again I thanked you for the New Radio Station. I hope that Catholic Diocese of Rumbek and the Community would continue working together to bring others required services to the great people of Lake State. Also there is great expectation that Director of Sudan Catholic Radio Network Sister Paola Moggi will continue working together with church and the people in good faith and morality. Those are kind of services that Southern Christian have been lacking in the area to promote the word of God and help community develop its awareness as well to help deliver their message to other communities. It is really good example to other churches in the South. They should suppose do the same and not to render few services that would never promote the work of God to those who need it.

May almighty father blessing the services and be with people of Lake State and the Catholic Church.

Amum Machar

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