Opening Speech By H.E. Brig. Taban Deng Gai On The Political Party Round Table

At The Unity State Transistional Legislative Assembly Hall, Bentiu, On 18th February, 2010

Distinguished organizers of this forum,
Fellow Candidates vying for the seat of Unity State Governorship,
Representatives of various Political Parties operating in Unity State,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I was delighted to receive the invitation to officially open this important Political Party Round Table organized by UNMIS to provide the State Political Parties and Candidates with the opportunity to meet and exchange views on critical issues and concerns that could contribute positively to effective participation of our people in the electoral process. Indeed, there would not have been a better time for this kind of gathering to take place, considering the concerted efforts which the SPLM and our people have made in achieving peace since the signing of the CPA in 2005. We are, no doubt, obliged to note with satisfaction the relentless support our development partners, particularly, UNMIS, IRI and UNDP, have continued to provide in the efforts to enable our country realize the full implementation of the CPA.

As we assemble here this morning to share our views on a number of issues concerning the April 2010 Elections, it would be of great importance to acknowledge certain fundamental facts about the coming elections: That the elections are a demonstration of our people’s desire to exercise their democratic rights; that democratic processes can only succeed in peaceful environments; that leaders and the people are all responsible for creating peaceful environment in which democracy can thrive and that the Government has a cardinal duty to ensure that law and order prevails at all times. Therefore, we as leaders and citizens of this State, all share equal responsibility in ensuring a successful elections.

As the State Governor who appended his signature on the CPA to make the document work, it would be my greatest gratification to ensure that the coming elections will be a success in Unity State and the rest of Sudan. To achieve this objective, I shall endeavor see that the State security apparatus are vigilant enough to perform their duties without fear or favour to guarantee peace during electioneering. Since there will be many elections in future, we would like to set a good precedent through the forthcoming elections by conducting peaceful campaigns.

In conclusion, I wish to reiterate that it is our collective responsibility to ensure peace in the conduct of election campaigns. However, my own assurance alone will not be enough if the rest of us do not reciprocate a similar gesture. Therefore any acts of lawlessness/electoral violence that might compromise the security of our people and infringe on their rights to a free and fair elections, will not be tolerated by the government.

Finally, I would like to make humble appeal to all of us to give firm commitments that we shall all safeguard peace   to ensure that we conduct peaceful, democratic and mature election campaigns as a prelude to the 2011 Referendum.

With these few remarks, I declare this forum officially opened. Thank you and wish you fruitful deliberations.


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26/02/2010, 1:02 PM
 - Posted by John Nhial
The speech delivered by the Unity State Caretaker Governor, Comrade Taban Deng Gai, during the recent political parties forum in Bentiu, was highly welcome and most appropriate because it touched on the sensitive issue of security during election campaigns and brought out the fact that all candidates should play a role in ensuring a peaceful election.

We know Cde. Taban as a selfless freedom fighter who has done a lot with other comrades for the freedom of South Sudan and for the sake of security in Unity State. As one of the few living signatories of the CPA, his role in making the CPA succeed is significant. His role in leading the State to the 2011 referendum will be very crucial.

As we approach the elections, the security of our people will be uppermost in the minds of all voters. Taban's message gave hope and the much needed assurance that every peace loving candidate and citizen could bank on. Taban's message is a demonstration of a mature and responsible leadership that the SPLM is keen to provide if elected.

SPLM Oyee,
Taban Deng Oyee
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