Kiir Speech on Campaign Launch

Sudan People’s Liberation Movement

Office of the Chairman Speech of H. E. Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit,

Chairperson of the SPLM

And The SPLM Nominee for the President of the Government

of Southern Sudan On the Launching of SPLM Elections Campaign

Comrades, Brothers and Sisters,

Dear compatriots

The choice of our late Leader’s Mausoleum to launch my campaign is not only because of its symbol, but because it is what bonds us together as a Nation.  I am here to acknowledge the contribution of a great Hero who fought for the values of justice, human dignity and people’s happiness.  We shall always fondly cherish the memory of our late Hero; we the Sudanese, and especially the Southerners should continue to take pride and carry his legacy.

 Dear compatriots

Thank you for entrusting mw with the great responsibility as your President.  It has been my honor and utmost gratitude for me to serve you.  Indeed, it has been a quite a learning experience for me; you have been integral and instrumental in this process and also in entrusting that the Government of Southern Sudan continues to learn to govern and exercise democratic processes and implement development.

Dear compatriots

As we all know, it was my first being a President of an extraordinary people and land such as Southern Sudanese; this is s land that has suffered for so long and has tragically lost millions of souls through violent wars by discriminatory regimes.  The impact of these civil wars has been totally demanding.  Running the affairs of this nation needs all of us; our patience, patriotism, hard work, collective efforts and sacrifices among many other rather overwhelming needs.

Leadership is a calling; it must be guided by the wishes to serve the people and with a vision; a vision that brings Freedom, Peace and Prosperity to the people.  Thus, for the Last four years I have been serving you with my full commitment as SPLM Chairman and the President of the Government of Southern Sudan.  My struggle, political history and career begun as a young man when I joined Anya-Nya 1, as a combatant who was driven to join the struggle to restore to our people.  It was when peace was signed in 1972 that I and my comrades were re-integrated into Sudan’s regular forces.

I am very much honored to be among the founding members of the SPLM that survived difficult times.  Since the formation of the SPLM in 1983 I faithfully remained guided by its vision and mission.  A Nation without an absolute vision shall face serious challenges especially in development.  It is essential for any nation striving for peace, stability and prosperity which is inspired by a people’s-driven vision lead by a committed leader.

The SPLM which I am humbled to lead is the Party that has carried out the struggle against the humiliation and oppression of our people through the history.  The SPLM, since its inception has consistently championed the cause of the marginalized people of the Sudan.  The SPLM; people’s movement has progressively liberated most rural parts of the South Sudan and other marginalized regions in the Sudan.  The SPLM remains systematic, consistent and vigilant to the full implementations of the CPA including the right to self determination, justice and equality for all. Southern Sudan’s conflict until 2005 was considered Africa’s longest running civil war and yet it was one of the most silent ones until neighboring countries such as IGAD countries (Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti) and international community such as the USA, UK, Norway and Italy were very instrumental in supporting our peace negotiations.  We in the SPLM have thus vowed to contribute towards regional and global peace – for we know what it means to be in war and conflicts.

Dear compatriots

Reconciliation/Forgiveness:  It is my personal commitment and that of the SPLM to make Southern Sudan to accommodate all of us and to make it a better place that we and the next generations shall be proud of.  It is on this basis that I have taken upon myself to take the lead in reconciliation and unity of our people as shown in Juba Declaration and South-South dialogue in Nairobi and Juba.  We Southerners are people diverse nationalities, ethnic groups and faiths.  We are a great nation.  We have suffered tremendously; millions of us and other millions displaced whilst others south refuge. We have a lot of pain; some of us unfortunate continue to inflict pain on ourselves.  It is my personal call and the SPLM appeal for us to reach to one another; let’s heal our wounds, let’s preach harmony and peaceful co-existence.  Let’s forgive one another.  I want to work on this healing and reconciliation together.  I share with you some very important massages:

Rural populace: Men and women, young and old.  The future of Southern Sudan lies in the development of the full potential of our agricultural, animal, forest and fisheries resources.  Again and again we said that the center piece in our development plans shall be Taking Town to the Villages.  This is not a slogan but a binding obligation.  To realize that obligation I intend to allocate a percentage of our oil revenues to be sole dedications to rural development including improvement in rural physical infrastructure mainly primary health care, basic education and vocational training.

With most of people still lagging and lavishing in poverty due to decades of wars, the SPLM under my leadership shall work extremely hard to alleviate poverty and the uplifting of rural Southern Sudan.  I shall also encourage the private sector domestic and foreign to invest more in agriculture, livestock, more importantly in human resource development. Muzarain (Farmers) Oyee.

War Heroes/Heroines: I pay special respect and tribute to our war incapacitated heroes, heroines, widows and orphans.  Let me say to you loud and clear: you have done us proud – not only because you had the courage to engage in the SPLM’s historic struggle but, more lives for a large cause:  the cause of our people.   We shall stand or tall with that cause.  Your noble efforts shall not be in vain.  I am duty-bound to ensure that you and your love ones do not suffer the injustices of destitution and deprivation, rewarding, responsive and adequate employment, training and skills acquiring, health services, education and micro-finance opportunities to you shall be given a priority which you rightly deserve.  I will enact a special law that will ensure the contribution of all sectors of our society for a special fund to be established under my supervision to take care of ex-combatant, the wounded, the families of martyrs and those missing in action. Moawagien (Displaces) Oyee, Aramel (Widows) and Orphans Oyee.

Traditional leaders:  It is our traditional leaders who are the custodians of our communities and the ultimate safeguards against the breakdown of our society.  You have faithfully been there, during the struggle for the people of Southern Sudan.  I will support you all so that you go on carrying your noble duties even work harder to ensure peace and harmony among and between all our communities.  In this respect, it is my intention to ensure full implementation of Chiefs Conference resolutions and the Local Government Act that empowers our chiefs to perform their duties better: Salateen Oyee.   

Women:  Women are human beings.  Throughout history women never started a war.  The SPLM ensured the constitutional responsibility of women in all levels of government and policy-making at least to be 25% that was later adopted in the National Elections Act.  I would say with pride that the SPLM was the first political party in the Sudan that introduced a new political vocabulary of 25% Affirmative Action for women.  If an elected as President, I will continue to ensure compliance with such constitutional obligation.  But that is not enough.  More needs to be done to make up of the disadvantages suffered by the marginalized of the marginalized.  I promise that under my leadership that is constitutional provision is complied with in my future cabinet.  Furthermore, I personally commit myself to ensure equal educational opportunities for boys and girls.  Importantly, the SPLM and the Government of Southern Sudan under my leadership shall ensure compliance with international human right conventions that protract women and girls. Women Oyee

The Youth: The struggle could not have been achieved without the resilience, courage, ultimate sacrifice and bravery of our youth; I call them young lions, who consistently engaged our struggle. Towards the youth I have a special obligation.  The youth are today’s leaders.  A health nation is one that is built on historic outlook including caring for the youth, educational opportunities and recreational programs.  In Southern Sudan, our youth suffered greatly.  They were denied access to education and training.  Our youth are a very brave lot; they endured the wars, they lost their parents and some even lost their limbs.  Yet, they stand tall and strong.  Our youth love for their nation never cases.  It is indeed my pride and honor to be your leader.  We all have collective responsibilities to ensure our youth are loved, cared for and guided. Shabab Oyee

Faith Based Leaders:  You are the guardian of our spiritual, moral and ethical values.  In a country that has been torn apart by political upheavals, cultural subordination, religious discrimination and ethnic differences you were always around to heal wounds and reconcile people.  Now that we are in transitional peace, your services and prayers are more needed.

SPLA and Law Enforcement Organs:  To our SPLA officers.  You lion-hearts have exhibited courage, resilience and stamina during the struggle.  In peace time, however, you have duties awaiting you: maintaining the territorial integrity of Southern Sudan, protecting its people and public assets in cooperation with law-enforcement agencies and helping in fending – off natural disasters.  All those duties you shall undertake with due respect to the constitutional order and under your duly elected government.  On my part I promise to continue modernizing the SPLA and providing it with the best training and best equipment from within or outside the Sudan. SPLA Oyee

Political Parties Message:  I would like to thank all leaders of political parties for directly or indirectly supporting my nomination to the office of the President of the Government of Southern Sudan; your confidence in my leadership and placing the interest of Southern Sudan first remain highly commendable.  I would like to reassure all political parties that I will continue with my commitment to establishing a decentralized democratic multi-party system of government and an inclusive government that will reflect our diversity and pluralism.  If I am elected I shall ensure the representation of other political parties in my cabinet on a new basis that would promote our unity and common vision of changing Southern Sudan for better.

ZERO TOLORANCE TO CORRUPTION/NEPOTISM/TRIBALIZM:  No nation can be built on corruption, nepotism and tribalism.  I have vowed on ZERO TOLORANCE TO CORRUPTION.  So, within the coming term of office, if you decide to elect me, I shall see to it that the voice of corruption, nepotism and tribalism are firmly dealt with.  The assumed culture of impunity Hs stop.  Nobody is above the law.  Consequently, I call on the Southern Sudan Anti-Corruption Commission to ensure this.  We shall promote good governances and practice codified ethnic in the public sector.

Dear compatriots,

As your President, I will ensure full implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement that leads the people of Southern Sudan to a free and voluntary exercise of the right to self-determination.

We in the SPLM specially, and in the South generally have over the last five years endured frustration and obstacles that would have easily pushed anyone to war – but we vowed never again shall we go back to war.  I resisted every temptations, faces the challenges bravely and out the South interest and common good first and foremost.  The memory of every soul that died in the South, every bloodshed and hungry by children and mothers were and are always a constant reminder to me not to give in to war and made me remain calm in the midst of such frustrations.  

 The SPLM which, selflessly negotiated the CPA and brought a just and lasting peace in Southern Sudan; peace, such a miraculous word that we hardly experienced in almost 40 years in being enjoyed today in the South.  Peace is priceless; it is our safety from antinov attacks, it is our going to normal life, it is about our children going to school and about us going to jobs.  We now can dig and farm, we can now afford to laugh and smile.  We have shops with food and other daily needs that we did not have in the past.  We have electricity, a network of some roads.  There are hotels, restaurants, cyber café for internet connectivity and even supermarkets, and the list goes on.  Critically, we were able to establish from scratch (Zero) to a fully fledged government from national to state and county levels.

Cde, Yasir Arman’s Introduction:  While we are in this launching event, let me as well introduce to you comrade Yasir Saeed Arman who is our nominee to the office of the President of the Republic of the Sudan.  Comrade Yasir shares with me the same experience of liberation struggle.  As I mentioned in Yambio, comrade Yasir is one of our cadres who contributed a lot during our struggle and has special relationship with Southern Sudan.  During the discussion of the three laws at the National Assembly, he stood firmly with other comrades to ensure the passing of these laws including the Southern Sudan referendum law.  Comrade Yasir has absolute commitment to protect the achievements of Southern Sudan in CPA including the respect of the choice of the People of Southern Sudan.   If he is elected to the office of the President of the republic, he will be your true and loyal servant and he will ensure that your political aspirations are not only protected but also realized. I would also like to introduce my brother and comrade Dr. Riek Machar Teny as my running mate, if I am elected as President of Southern Sudan, Dr. Riek Machar; will my deputy.

I am happy that one of our national and popular singers, Ustaz Mohammed Wardi is here among us today to share with us this moment.  Can we give a special reception and round of applause to him please?

Thank you all: As I conclude, I would like to thank all of you who came here today.  And for thosewho are far away and those who could not make it, particularly our patients in hospitals, people with disabilities and the elderly.  Let me tell you all that promised remain promises (words) unless they are followed by concrete measures.  Those measures I shall take.  And to achieve that I shall very soon form a task force to devise a plan for implementation of my promises, including the mapping out of programs based on the commitments I made before you today.


Thank you and May God bless you All

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