Clement Wani Kong promises new development

Central Equatoria State launches campaigns for governorship attended by President Kiir and the SPLM candidate, Clement Wani Konga.

By Juma John Stephen

JUBA, March 1, 2010 (Gurtong) – Clement Wani Kong the SPLM official candidate vying for the post of governorship in Central Equatoria State on Monday launched his campaign at  Dr John Garang’s Mausoleum where he promised improvement in services delivery.  

 “If there is congestion in Juba, we shall talk with the commissioners near Juba to give land for people and we can be able to give land in Lainya or any other area near Juba so that people can stay there and come every morning to work in Juba since there have been improvement in road transport”. Stressed Konga.

“We shall continue with the downsizing and anybody who feels that he does not want it can go home”.

Konga also stressed the need for teachers and promised that his government shall bring trained teachers to improve the education system.

The incumbent governor denied selling land pointing fingers at individual owners of the plots .

“World Bank is going to give money and that money will be given to women to empower the women rather than the men because women have developmental ideas than men.”  He said this as he promised to empower the women.

On the issue of the delay of salaries, he said that that was due to the economic crunch that the whole world is experiencing, saying that prior to 2008, salaries were being paid on time.

He also said that the tribal clashes was only between two clans of Mudari and Bari origin and not the whole of Bari fighting with the whole of Mundari as is being said. “I did not take any gun of the government and give to the Mundari, no!”Pointed out Konga.

President Kiir, appearing for the third time in a public rally in support of SPLM candidates in Juba urged the people of Central Equatoria State to vote for Clement Wani Konga as the governor of Central Equatoria State.

“You take this from me. Now we have started campaigns and you will see money in the streets, in your home and in your pockets. But will you compromise the position of Southern Sudan for that small money? I don’t think so”.

“I have a picture where I stood and looking ahead. A person asked me what I was looking at, All that I was seeing is what is coming after 2011. Have we received what we wanted after all these fights that killed many of our people?”. Lamented President Kiir.

He went ahead to say that Clement Wani Konga was the movement’s ally during the struggle and that his code name was ‘Black fox’ and it was because of the work that he did that he was given the post of governor by the late Dr John and “I did not change him and the SPLM Political Bureau chose him, So I’m asking you to vote for him”. President Kiir closed the ceremony with these words to the voters.

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