Free and fair elections begin with a well-trained police force

UNDP Southern Sudan Update, Feb 2010

Peace in Sudan remains a key concern ahead of the country's historic April 2010 elections, the first in decades. With less than two months left until the first ballots are cast, Sudanese authorities are under pressure to establish a viable security network before the decisive national elections commence.

Elections are a key milestone of the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), which ended the country’s long civil war. However, insecurity remains the most urgent problem facing the region—especially Southern Sudan. After a deadly year—according to OCHA more than 2,500 Southern Sudanese people were killed and almost 400,000 displaced by tribal fighting in 2009—these highly charged national elections could pose a threat to an already fragile peace.

Sudanese identities are often tied together with historic rivalries and prejudice which have been known to spark violence. The election process could exacerbate these rivalries, and cam-paigning could ignite clashes between followers of rival candidates.

Intimidation by some parties may also prove dangerous for communities, and for the security forces charged with protecting citizens. READ FULL DOCUMENT

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