Training Workshop for Party Election Agents for the Unity State SPLM Campaigners

Opening and Welcome Speech by Cde. Taban Deng Gai on the occasion of a Training Workshop for Party Election Agents for the Unity State SPLM Campaigners on Friday 5th, March, 2010 at Faustino Puok Conference Hall, Bentiu

Fellow Comrades, the Commissioners, Representatives of various Counties assembled here,
Candidates from Unity State vying for various seats in the coming elections, 
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my great pleasure to have this opportunity to meet you in this important party workshop organized to train our party agents on matters touching on the coming elections. As you are aware, the CPA signed in 2005 provided for a General election to be conducted in Sudan prior to the 2011 Referendum, the SPLM has been preparing all along to fulfill that commitment to ensure that the people of Sudan are led by leaders who derive their legitimacy from the people through democratic process.

The electoral process which began last year with the voter registration exercise and went through party nominations, has confirmed our peoples desire to hold free and fair elections in spite of the various challenges our party faced during nomination process. With determination, we hope to sustain the momentum during the campaigns so that our party may win with a landslide. To achieve this victory, we must plan well and act strategically with a conviction to realize the goal of our long struggle for liberation. This is the purpose of this workshop.

We have all come here to share perspectives on various issues concerning the election campaign in Unity State and plan together on how we are going to co-ordinate the exercise successfully. At the end of the workshop we shall have learnt about the highlights the SPLM Party Manifesto, the se of Party slogans to sell party policies, voter mobilization and party poll monitoring.

Basically, the aims of this training workshop are to equip the SPLM party candidates and agents with Election Campaign and Poll Monitoring skills, to help the SPLM campaigners to have a coherent approach that will ensure success in the election and to ensure that the election campaign is adequately resourced in terms of human capacity.

Fellow comrades, your roles in co-coordinating, mobilizing, monitoring the campaign activities are significant in securing a victory for the party if you all make use of what you will learn from the workshop. Feel free to ask questions in order to understand various roles you are going to play when you go back to the grassroots.

With these remarks, I welcome all of you to the workshop and declare this workshop officially opened.

Cde. Taban Deng Gai
Caretaker Governor, Unity state- Bentiu
Member, SPLM Political Bureau --

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