Book Review: Liberation Struggle in South Sudan

By Lt. Gen. James Hoth Mai, Chief of General Staff-SPLA

From a Foot Soldier to the Chief – of - General Staff: A Close Look of  Journey of a Young Boy Who, Through A Barrel of Gun Rose up the Chain of Commands in the Liberation Struggle of his Country 
South Sudan Chief of General Staff relives  his war’s memories in a newly published book he co-authored with a friend. The book called “LIBERATION STRUGGLE IN SOUTH SUDAN” highlights the start of the first phase of civil war from 1955 to the second phase of the Sudan’s Civil war in 1983.

Lt. Gen. James Hoth Mai who picked up arms against the Sudan’s government at a younger age in 1983 said the liberation struggle in South Sudan goes on until the freedom is fully achieved.

General James Mai a native of Upper Nile fought numerous battles early on losing many of his comrades in line of duties. He dedicated the book to his fellow countrymen whom he fought the same liberation struggle with and especially to the fallen heroes.

Lt. Gen. James was born in the late 1950s on the west bank of Sobat corridor in Ulang County about more than two hundred kilometers south of the state’s capital Malakal.  Starting his liberation struggle as a foot soldier in 1983 he conducted copious operations all along for 21-year rising to the chain of commands. His military campaign was halted in 2002 when the peace accord between the SPLM and NCP began a negotiations later led to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement signed in 2005 and reversing the longest civil war in Africa.

Just after five years into the relative Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), the young boy who started his military career as a foot soldier was promoted to one of the highest ranks in the army-Chief of General Staff of SPLA. James attributed his promotion to his fellow SPLA men and women, as well as to the fallen heroes who lost their lives in the struggles.

The book highlights all historic events mentioning the names of those who orchestrated and executed the plan that led to the mutiny of 1983, events later give birth to the SPLM-A marking the second phase of the civil war.

The book takes the readers right into heart of how the people of South Sudan at all levels were able through thick and thin to sustain one of the longest civil wars and wars of liberation in Africa. The “LIBERATION STRUGGLE IN SOUTH SUDAN” book sale will be launched in Juba very soon.

For those who would like to order some copies, please email your request to the following email address, , or check or arrange check with comrade Larco Lomayat, to direct you where to get copy of this great book.

Currently, the books are available for purchase at bookshops in Juba.

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