SPLM Presidential Candidate Talking Point Points Of The Elections Campaign Message

SPLM Oyee,
Sudan Kulu Oyee,
Juba Oyee!

My dear compatriots,
Distinguished citizens of Southern Sudan and Sudan in general,
SPLM members and supporters,
Children, Youth, Women, Elders and the urban,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Today is the final day of this historic elections campaign and it befits Juba to be the culmination of all rallies throughout Southern Sudan.

I welcome you all to this great gathering organized this hour of the day in order for me to extend to you my humble feelings and gratitude about experiences of the campaign.  In fact no words are enough to express my appreciation to you for the massive turnout during my rallies throughout Southern Sudan.

Nesukurakum jesilaan.
I have come before you to deliver my last words of appeal during the voting on Sunday 11th April 2010 at 8:00 hrs am.  I would like to reiterate to you that the SPLM honors the trust you have given it as your liberator and party that the SPLM will never and never let you down at any time in life.
I urge you all to vote for the SPLM Candidates because it is the only party that delivered you the CPA and it is the only party that will work with the government in Khartoum to implement it fully.
My key message through the campaign has been the maintenance of peace and stability throughout the country.  I have said it before and I would like to repeat it again that since the signing of the CPA the lives of our people have changed tremendously from worst to better and no amount of intimidations can drag us back to war.
I would like Southern Sudan to spend the forthcoming years in developing the youth because they are precious resources and future of this country.  We will dedicate resources to build the capacity of women not only to achieve the 25% allocated to them but even to increase their participation in the management of public affairs to 30%.  This is my consistent commitment.

As we are running the final lap of our journey towards the referenda, the SPLM will ensure the formation of an inclusive government because unity and reconciliation of our people remains top on my agenda.

The Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly (SSLA) should be over 80% SPLM because SPLM is the party of peace and referendum.
You can speak longer on all issues of the campaigns throughout Southern Sudan:
1.     Development of roads connecting Southern Sudan
2.     Delivery of basic services (schools, health, clean water, etc
3.     Clarification on the withdrawal of comrade Yasir Saeed Arman for Candidacy of the President of the Republic
4.     Any other issues……………..

 As far as tomorrow’s elections are concerned, let me say the following:
1.     The actual voting exercise: the use of slips or ID to vote
2.     Explain the casting of the ballots: Choosing the SPLM Candidates
3.     Polling behavior: acts of bribery, handouts, deceptions, etc
4.     Firmness and keenness to ensure you voted rightly.

Physical disposition: let’s wake up; hold hands together as a sign of solidarity and remembrance of our martyrs that they did not die in vain (may be somebody could sing any liberation song).
SPLM Oyee, SPLM Oyee, Juba Oyee, Southern Sudan Oyee, New Sudan Oyee!
Thank you.

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