High Illiteracy Levels Hamper Voting in Jonglei State

Despite the high voter turnout being registered in Jonglei State, high illiteracy levels continue to dog the elections, with many voters unable to freely pick their favourite candidates.

High Illiteracy Levels Hamper Voting in Jonglei State
Under scrutiny: The media inspect ballot boxes at a polling centre in Juba. [© Larco Lomayat]

By Kur Madul de Jongkuc

BOR, 12 April 2010 (Gurtong) –  As a result, some educated aides have taken advantage of the uneducated and are voting for their candidates and parties in the polls.

The conflicting competition over uneducated voters has made some voters unable to complete the voting process.

“I voted in the first two boxes and left because people were quarrelling over me to tick their preferred candidate, hence making my vote no longer my secret”, a woman only identified as Victoria told Gurtong at Makuach polling centre.

She said some individuals are on the lookout to trick the illiterate candidates to vote for their parties.

This has prompted disagreements in some polling stations as party and candidates’ agents move in to control the influx of fraud against illiterate voters.

A survey conducted across constituencies by Gurtong today morning revealed that dozens of voters whose names had been omitted in the nominal register were still moving from one polling centre to another centre to check their missing names, but have not succeeded yet.

“We were registered at Jarwoong area in Toch, but now we don’t know where to vote after checking our names in three polling centres and failed”, said a distraught Deng Mayen.

At Makuach polling centre, there were reports of tension between SPLM and independent candidates following the confusion being meted on the illiterate voters.

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14/04/2010, 4:21 AM
 - Posted by Anonymous User
The election in the Jonglei State seem to been tribalism because the voters are not conncerns about who will brings the changes to them or their State.
Although, there are three candidates,among them the voters have to ensure who would be the best candidate for all of the Jonglei 's citizens rather than the consideration of the person on ethnicity.

However,being illiteracy or uneducator is not effect on the voting because the people know their parties and whom they want to voting for him. The person that will bring the transition to the State,as we know that the first Governor( philip thon Lek) was depromoted or change because the people of Jonglei need transition on status of citizens relations,peace, and development.

As the Jonglei State has been in the first list of many disputs between its citizens and they are unsolved like the recently disput in Twic east; Theefore, people of Jonglei need more carefull on their candidates by selected the right person who will help the people to lower the disput and building up the peace, so the people should focuses on the development.

To those who acount as educators,which most are high school graduate and some college might be mistaken on trying to convered the people from their ideas to vote choice person by telling the ethnic stories which is an unacceptable when people need transition for the future.

Although, Governor Kuol manyang took over and he make the transition currently, it still unfinished;Therefore, at this point the Jonglei citizens, either intellectuals and illiterate have to make their voting to the person who will brings transition and development among the candidates.
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