Congratulatory Message to Kiir

"Human rights violations engender social schism and keep people poor since valuable time is spent on conflict resolutions at the expense of innovation and development."

Dear President Kiir,

Congratulations for having been elected the President of the Government of Southern Sudan.
 Your overwhelming victory irrefutably jibed with the expectation of the masses in Sudan. After more than twenty years of armed struggle and five years of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement your people have renewed their confidence in your leadership and have given you new mandate through the ballot. Southern Sudanese want you to shepherd them through the referendum and beyond.

Accept this noble national call, therefore, with confidence as invaluable gift from the marginalized, and pay back your people with transparent and accountable governance, genuine democracy, security and development, and above all an orderly and timely referendum.

Padang Cyber-Community also takes this opportunity to thank you for your achievements over the past five years: you formed governments and public institutions across the ten states of Southern Sudan and helped them run even on shoestring budgets; you brought together a protracted conflict riven society through dialogue such as the January 2006 Juba Declaration which united the SPLA with OAGs [Other Armed Groups]; and your leadership kept on track the Comprehensive Peace Agreement amidst serious violations, and promised the Sudanese people that a return to war was no option. These are few examples of the countless achievements your previous Government wrought. We hope your next government will build on these achievements to steer our society to a more dignified future.

While we celebrate with you this historical victory, we also thank the countless martyrs who lay down their lives for freer and democratic Sudan. History will remember them as selfless people who put their lives in harm’s way so that generations to come may live in dignity. Our people bore arms because they wanted to end the ubiquitous cultural, economic, political, and social abuse in Sudan. The cause for which those heroes and heroines died is being achieved.

Equally important, the reports of intimidation and harassment which dominated the electoral process in Southern Sudan need investigation. It could be possible that some individuals acting out of law may have misused state resources and security apparatus to achieve their ends.  If these allegations are proved true, the perpetrators should be sharply rebuked.

Repression is not only a perverse reminiscence of the dark old days but it also retards social and economic progress, renders our Constitution irrelevant, and warps the noble course and personal values of those who want to bring positive change to our society. It will be sad indeed should anyone erect a ‘torture chamber’ in Southern Sudan to deprive others of their inalienable rights given the amount of blood sacrificed for freedom. Human rights violations engender social schism and keep people poor since valuable time is spent on conflict resolutions at the expense of innovation and development. In essence there is no justifiable injustice.

Finally, we look forward to the implementation of your electoral agenda, “Salva Kiir’s Programme.”

May God Increase Your Age And Keep You In Good Health.

1.James Chol De’Guin
On behalf of Padang Cyber-Community

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