Important Message From Governor-Elect, WES

"It is now time to think of coming home to contribute in any form. I know that the State shall have no enough jobs for all, but jobs can be created through the private sectors."


Dear All, 

Governor-Elect Bokosoro addressing supporters in Western Equatoria State
First and foremost, I cease this glorious opportunity to greet all the citizens of Western Equatoria State wherever you are around the World and I, would, also like to greet all Southern Sudanese. It is my pride to congratulate all citizens of the State for the historic successful victory you have achieved in demonstrating to the rest of the Sudanese that there is democracy in your State. Feel proud and I will not let you down.
I appreciate your support and encouragement.  And it is the trust that you placed in me that gave me strength to stand firm throughout the campaign and election period for your sake. As the first democratically elected Governor in Western Equatoria State in particular and in Southern Sudan in general, I want to give my sincere appreciation to GOSS President H.E Salva Kiir Mayardit who made it possible for every individual to participate freely in the 2010 April General elections. We did not expect that the election was going to end up peacefully, but through his security arrangement, it was possible to control the situation hence a peaceful election.
By this message, I would like to inform all of you that Western Equatoria is your home. I am requesting all of you to begin thinking about your State in terms of development and investment. It is now time for you to have a plot in your own State. It is now time to think of coming home to contribute in any form. I know that the State shall have no enough jobs for all, but jobs can be created through the private sectors. I am appealing to all of you to support your State with the Technical-Know- How. You can bring some Indigenous-Technica l Knowledge (ITK) in to the State that can enable our local population to demonstrate their ability in developing their local economies.  I am, therefore, appealing to you all to return home to create jobs for your brothers and sisters who are seeking job opportunities. Our Government will not be able to create jobs for all unless we introduce and promote the private sector. Western Equatoria has all the potentials for development but we just need to organize ourselves.
As the first democratically elected Governor of the State, I am going to remove all barriers that kept you from coming home in order to contribute in the development of our State before and after the CPA. I am encouraging all of you to begin thinking critically on the future of the State and on how you can make good use of the immense natural resources we have got in our State.
Due to our differences, divisions, hatred and disunity, I am thinking of organizing a conference that will bring all sons and daughters of Western Equatoria State together in an attempt to iron all those odds and plan for the future. I am looking forward to fetch some money for that purpose.  The conference shall address issues such as; identifying our problems and cementing our relationships; State priorities based on each County priority; familiarization of Western Equatoria citizens and other issues pertaining to integral development of our state.
Through the security arrangement, we need to protect all. We encourage all the International communities including UN agencies and NGOs to feel free to visit the State. We shall be ready to cooperate with them to make Western Equatoria a peaceful place for all.  Our State will work tirelessly to maintain good working relationship with the international communities and organizations for the mutual benefits of all parties especially for the interest of the citizens of our State.  This is because we fully understand that the interests of our communities are intricately interwoven with the interests of the international communities and the international organizations.
 I would like to again congratulate all of you for the moral, spiritual and various contributions you made for the success of this election. I will listen to you for any advice and will respect the views and opinions that you will bring forward for the betterment of our State.
May God bless all of you; bless Western Equatoria State and Bless Southern Sudan.
H.E. Bangasi Joseph Bakosoro
Governor Elect
Western Equatoria State

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20/05/2010, 10:29 AM
 - Posted by Abraham Chol Marial

Dear Excellency,

In the first place, I would like to congratulate you for the effective steps you have taken during the last two months and this mean the basic delivery of services to the needy or to the society.
Dear Excellency, I would like to request you to put in place the comprehensive strategy for the incoming elected governor to follow during his office tenure, so that the people of Lakes would enjoy at least the little development that we have not been existing due to one reason and another.
A lot of resources have been wasted in Lakes state into non developmental program which means individual benefits.
Also a lot have been waste on security issues but no improvement in security although it is the major for all of us there should be tangible security improvement which did not happen in last government of Lakes State.

Lakes State has been the capital of SPLM/A for last two decades of civil war which led to the current government in the South but people forgot about and it became the last State in term of development. We all know what capacity we have contributed to the movement and therefore, we should have been given peace dividend.

I have observed your televised Speech in the local TV of Rumbek and you outline some few developmental issues but huge part was still prevailing as you mentioned the challenges which are facing the State.

With your colleague coming to take over from you, the major task should be the rule of Law as you mentioned in your speech, Without law, no existing of peaceful coexistent in the society and therefore drag the community into feuding and insecurity and that led to poverty.

Strengthening of Police and organize forces should also be priority, so that the internals problem are maintenance by the organized forces rather than the Army which is suppose to dealt with external problems as being the right arm for the Government to protect her geographical boundaries and the citizen of the State.

Another thing, could be the separation of powers as from the Executive, Legislative and the Judiciary , Being my point of view, powers are being misuse by others government officials forgetting the doctrine of powers and the independent of the particular institution like judiciary should not have interference from the Legislative or executive which could rinse the powers of the institution.

Again. I may go on to point out that in our State, we need zero tolerance to tribal matters and be the peace makers rather than fuelling some time the tribal conflicts through some incapable government officials who does not actually know what the peaceful coexistent society means to themselves.

With regard to the above, I’m SPLM member who would like to see the promise which were made to the public of Lakes State being delivered to them by the elected Governor, although you have already started it and therefore recall your statement to Mr.Chol Tong Mayay during the SPLM meeting when you said Engineer Chol when you coming into power please make more than I did but don’t let the people say Telar is better than Chol. I totally agree with you because there are a lot of promises that were made and also the great expectation from the people that there might be some changes which could bring forward justice and equality in the State.
Pointing out the wrong doing and bring them into justice in term of corruption which is the common sickness to whoever come to the Government institution.

We all know our party SPLM is the people party but let us not lose it vision and credibility from the people.

SPLM Oyee, Lakes State Oyee

Abraham Chol Marial
Law Student University of Juab, Khartoum Branch
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