Hoth Calls on Kiir to Lead Reconciliation

"I would like to emphasize that unity among our political leaders, government circles, and civil population will definitely strengthen us in the SPLA."


Your Excellency Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit, First Vice President of the Republic,President Elect of the Government of Southern Sudan, Chairman of SPLM and Commander-In-Chief of SPLA; H.E Meni Arko Minawi, Senior Advisor to the President of the Republic and President of Interim Administration for Darfur.

Your Excellency Dr. Riek Machar Teny, Designated Vice President of the Government of Southern Sudan; comrade James Wani Igga, Deputy Chairman SPLM; My lord the President of the Supreme Court of Southern Sudan;

Your Excellencies Presidential Advisors, Caretaker Ministers of GoSS, Caretaker and
Elected State Governors, Honourable elected Members of Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly; the rest of Protocol in our Government is observed;

Your Excellencies Heads of Diplomatic Missions, UN Agencies, International NGOs; My comrades in arms; Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen;

Good Morning!

I am greatly honoured to stand before you today as we commemorate the 27th Anniversary of 16th May in which the SPLA/M revolutionary armed struggle of the marginalized people of Sudan commenced in Bor town on May 16th 1983.

As proud citizens of Southern Sudan, we are reminded by this occasion as it symbolizes the day each one of us joined the liberation struggle either directly or indirectly. It signifies the day when some of us forwent their luxurious lives and joined their brothers and sisters in the bush in search for liberty, prosperity and equality. Unfortunately, some of us lost their lives throughout the struggle and could not celebrate this day with us.

Today marks the day when some of us contemplated on dedicating their lives and properties in order to enable men and women of the marginalized Sudan successfully carry out the liberation struggle. We must congratulate each other for having started quest for peace and tranquility on an equal footing and we are almost ending it the way we want it to be. It was started for a just cause, the cause
that cost us more than 2.5 million lives in the first war and the same number lost in the second war, immense suffering and loss of insurmountable amount of property was the order of the day. The cause that cost us the live of our great leader and Cin- C Dr. John Garang De Mabior and his colleagues.

May we use this occasion to remind ourselves of our martyrs who have bought us the CPA? May we remember the wounded heroes and war veterans, all who dedicated most of their lifespan and physical bodies for a just cause? It is an opportune time for us to flashback on the mission and objectives of SPLM/A that enabled it maintains the support of its forces from civil population for decades for
without this support we would not be where we are today!

Commander-in-Chief, Your Excellencies, comrades, ladies and gentlemen;

In 1955 Southern Sudan started a liberation journey. But we got tired and weak on the way; hence that journey was not completed. By this time, exactly 27 years ago, the people of the marginalised Sudan got recuperated, energized and started the journey again. It was started with just one step and now we are thousands and thousands steps and about to reach to our final destination in some months to come. We must remain strong and focused in order to finish this final lap.

As you can see the SPLA of today is not the SPLA of yesterday. We are now a modern army that is capable of protecting the Constitution of Southern Sudan, CPA and territorial integrity and sovereignty of this great region. We are determined to do so and we will stand on guard in the execution of this role at any cost!

The finish line lies on the Referendum, which is just 238 days away. We the Southern Sudanese cannot afford to let the referendum period reach us while in disharmony. Time has now come for reconciliation. The political atmosphere and scars left by the last general elections requires a lot of work to be done by our political leaders and all of us.

And for this reason, I call upon comrades Kuol Manyangs, George Athors, John Luks, Dr Riek Gai’s, Joseph Duers, Imail Konyi, John Kongs, King Agada, and others of Jonglei State to bury your differences and forge a way forward for the benefit of your people. I also call upon Paul Malongs, Dau Aturjongs, Kawac Makueis, Aldo Ajous, Arthur Akuiens, Abdelbagi Ayei’s and others of Northern
Bahr el Ghazal State, Taban Dengs, Angelina Tenys, Joseph Nguens, Majak Dau’s Tut Keus and others of Unity State, to lead your people in unity.

I would like to request Joseph Bakasoros, Jemma Nunus, Joseph Ngeris,Dr.Richard K.Mulla, Alison Manana Mangais, Peter Bashirs and others of Western Equatoria State, Clement Wanis, Alfred Lados, James Loros, Peter Abdel Rahaman Sules, Dr Martin Elias, Dr Samson Kwajes, Luka Monojas, James Wani
Iggas and others of Central Equatoria State, Zakaria Riziks, Mark Nyipoucs, Tom Elnurs, Michael Hussien Millys, Ali Tamim Fartaks and others of Western Bahr el Ghazal State to forgive each other, put aside your political difference in order to go for the Referendum as one united people.

I call upon Nyandeng Maleks, Anthony Bol Maduts, Uncle Bona Maluals, Dr Tobi Maduots, Mayom Kuocs, Aleu Ayienys, Salva Mathoks and others of Warrap state. Louis Labongs, Aloisio Emors, Dr Ann Itto, Dr David Mayos, Peter Longoles, Johnson Jumas of Eastern Equatoria, Chol Tongs, Awet Akots, Paul

Mayom Akecs, Deng Athorbeis, Daniel Ayual Makois, Telar Rings, of Lakes state, Simon Kuns, Gatluak Dengs, Lam Akols, Pagan Amums, Dok Jok Doks, Fatima Kujoria, and others of Upper Nile state to put people’s aspirations before your individual pursuits for power.

Most importantly, I call upon comrades Salva Kiirs, Riek Machars, and the entire Government of Southern Sudan to initiate the reconciliation drive and say enough is enough! The tribal conflicts have become a nuisance to our young Government.

May I call upon individual tribes in southern Sudan to embrace peace and harmony with your neighbouring tribes?

Last but not least, the liberation struggle was fought with some shortcomings. We were not perfect in our path for peace and liberty. We rubbed shoulders with our civil population at some point and I call upon our civil population, the marginalized people of the Sudan and Sudanese at large to forgive us if we had wronged them during the course of liberation struggle or during the disarmament
exercise. I would like to assure you that we are your army and will stand to protect you at any time of need. I would like to emphasize that unity among our political leaders, government circles, and civil population will definitely strengthen us in the SPLA.

Comrade C-IN-C we congratulate you and all the SPLM candidates for your overwhelming victory during April general election; and we are very proud of you and always be at your disposal and ready to sacrifice more lives should any situation dictate.

Finally, we promise and will honour our promise, that we shall not let you down in our struggle for the rights of the marginalised people.

Thank you for listening.
SPLA Oyee!
Lt. Gen. James Hoth Mai
SPLA Chief of General Staff
16th May, 2010

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