Speech on SPLM Anniversary by representative of SPLM Secretariat - USA

Speech on SPLM Anniversary
May 16, 2010
South Dakota
by Secretariat Chairman Mangok Mayen

Dear compatriots, revolutionary greeting to all of you in the name of our historical party, the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement, and on behalf of SPLM members and Sudanese in general throughout the United States of America and far beyond. Today marks the anniversary of the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army. It was in this day, twenty-seven years ago, in 1983, that our party was born, when our brave men and women took arms as means of liberation from oppression. I congratulate all of you wherever you are celebrating and remembering our historical day, the time marginalized people of Sudan reject the modern colonialism from the successive Khartoum regimes.

As you are aware that I wish I should celebrate with you in your localities across America, but that is practically impossible. However, I join you all in spirit in your celebratory moments. It is instead a privilege for me to be physically here in South Dakota State; celebrating with SPLM families under leadership of Comrade Adol Aluong; the SPLM State Secretariat Chairman. Today, is a great day to all of us in remembering names of alive and fallen heroes and heroines, because of their sacrifices to struggle for the Sudanese cause of bringing equality, justices and freedom to all. READ FULL SPEECH

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23/05/2010, 4:07 PM
 - Posted by Wal Muoranyar Biet
Wow! That is my leader right there. What a speech! Thank South Dakota for representing us. That's what I'm talking about. Well done comrades. Whatever NCP is doing, Juba will never be entered by any Jihadist army by forces. NCP need to scribe it on a stone that on Sunday, January 01,2011 @ 1:00am, Cush is born again or else Sudan is doomed.
I greet you comrades around the world and I urge you all to remain vigilant. Time has come. It is time to re-energize and get ready for final showdown.
To leadership of Southern Sudan, we stand behind you! Make right decisions.

Indeed, long live SPLA/M, long live Southern Sudan!

Wal Muoranyar Biet
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