Jonglei State Government Takes Office

The Jonglei State Governor – elect Kuol Manyang Juuk yesterday took the oath of office amidst tight security.

Jonglei State Government Takes Office
Newly-sworn in Jonglei State legislators with the State Governor Manyang Kuol Juuk. [© Gurtong]

By Kur Madul de Jongkuc

BOR, 20 May 2010 (Gurtong) – Manyang was sworn into office by the State President of the High Court before the newly-elected state assembly members.

Governor Manyang described his new term as “the most demanding and challenging that needs collective responsibility to fulfill the promises to the people with limited resources”.

He said the massive unemployment of youth in the state was a major challenge, and pledged to address the issue in conjunction with the State Ministry of Finance and Economic planning.

“My new cabinet would be all inclusive and will take the interests of the youth and women into consideration at all levels”, he said.

Governor Manyang said his government will interlink all counties to the state headquarters and to neighbouring Ethiopia and other states for efficient service delivery.

“The state government would work closely with state assembly to ensure laws are passed and followed for better planning and coordination in the state”, he added.

He underscored the crucial role played by disarmament, adding that is was the only way to end insecurity and hence boost the attainment of development in the state.

The new Governor was sworn into office alongside 47 new members of the State Assembly.

The SPLM took the lion’s share of the 48 seats in the assembly with 43 party members getting elected on the party’s ticket alongside the National Congress Party’s (NCP) one member, two members of the United Democratic Salvation Front (USDF) and an independent candidate.

Elections for the State Legislative Assembly seat in Athoch North constituency were put off until July following an electoral mix up.

The immediate former Speaker , SPLM’s Peter Chol Wal retained his seat  and will be deputised by fellow party member Boutros Ochello while another SPLM member Elisabeth Deu Aguien will be the house controller.

“I am happy to have been re-elected to the position and I promise to work peacefully with all of you”, said Wal.

The swearing in came just four days after four people were shot dead along the Bor-Juba road.

It is, however, unclear whether the killings are linked to the upheaval that marked the post-election period.

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20/05/2010, 2:09 PM
 - Posted by Anonymous User
Commented by Deng Ruei Kong
20 may 2010

Implementation of what you have said is what make a leader to be good. Don't allow yourself to be led by those corrupt peole who like to get money, H.E Kuol Manyang. They will come to you to convince you that it was their efforts made you to get the position of governorship again.

If the big number of young people in Jonglei state get an employment this time , they will not hate Manyang and they will be friends to him. The minister of finance and economic planning in Jonglei state will not be a corrupt minister, he will make Kuol fail in his work.

It is good deed people of Jonglei state to have least number of NCP's State Legislative Assembly members. They will not more engage in up coming referendum because their political strategies are connected with Northerners who don't want us to get freedom. These NCP's members although they are Southerners their inside is red like the skin of Arabs.

Avoid killing yourselves people of Jonglei state leave differences brought fraudulent past elections.What will make Southerners to kill those who will have differences with them should be referendum. If somebody says no to serparation, we will tie a big stone on his neck and throw him into the Nile river.
Now we are all Southerners there is no problem if Mr. X got a position and Mr. Y lost let's combine together and go on with motto of South Sudan is for South Sudaneses.

Killing ourselves is nothing.What it brings to us is backwardness.

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