Brigadier General Lojore Takes Charge

The newly-elected Eastern Equatoria State Governor Brigadier General Louis Lobong Lojore yesterday took over office with a pledge to attain peace and development in the state.

Brigadier General Lojore Takes Charge
Eastern Equatoria State Governor Brigadier General Louis Lobong Lojore. [©urtong]

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 19 May 2010 (Gurtong) – The Governor-elect took the oath of office before the state lawmakers at a colorful ceremony presided over by the acting president of the High Court Justice Arfakchad Boyoy at the Eastern Equatoria State Legislative Assembly Hall in Torit.

“I would like , on my own behalf , my family , friends and the entire leadership of the Sudan  Peoples’  Liberation  Movement(SPLM) , to express my sincere appreciation to all the people of  Eastern Equatoria State for giving me the mandate to preside over the affairs  of this historic state  for the next five years”, he said.

He assured the state citizens that his administration will work together to bring everybody on board for the sake of development.

“The Government will not belong to me but to the people of Eastern Equatoria State and I therefore call for everyone’s cooperation in order to attain development”, he said.

Tens of thousands of citizens drawn from all the eight counties of the state attended the function as were representatives of judiciary, international non-governmental organisations operating in the state, other political parties in the state and religious leaders among others.

A vibrant procession accompanied by convoys of cars including the state caretaker government’s vehicles, motorists, boda boda operators and traditional dancers from different ethnic communities, snaked its way from the SPLM state secretariat office to the secretariat office of the state government and through to the State Legislative Assembly Hall.

The swearing-in that was to be conducted inside the Assembly was held outside due to the huge number of attendees.

The State Assembly Speaker Emmanuel Ocholimoi Ambrose called upon the feuding ethnic communities, especially the Lotuko, to reconcile and contribute to the state’s development.

At the same time, the immediate former caretaker Governor Johnson Juma Okot echoed the Speaker’s sentiments and said the remaining months to the referendum should be utilised to reconcile feuding communities across South Sudan.

State Assembly

Meanwhile, the long - awaited Eastern Equatoria State Legislative Assembly was convened on Tuesday.

The 48 new members were sworn in at the Assembly Hall in the state capital Torit, with SPLM taking the majority of seats.

The party bagged 44 seats out of the total while the National Congress Party (NCP) and United Sudan African Party (USAP) each won a seat.

Two independent candidates also joined the assembly.

At the function, Emmanuel Ambrose Ocholimoi was elected new speaker of the Assembly and he will be assisted by Paul Napwon Yonae.

The new Speaker pledged to unite all legislators as well as to advocate for their welfare as they serve the state residents.

He requested the incoming Governor to provide security to all legislators as they go about their state duties.

The occasion was witnessed by jubilant state residents among other guests.

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20/05/2010, 2:55 PM
 - Posted by Deng Ruei
Commented by Deng Ruei Kong
20 may 2010

If it is in your heart Mr. Luois Lojore to develop Eastern Equatoria State and put securiy in its position, it will be good. Saying more words helps nothing to the community and makes you to be called a liar by your community. If you say and do there's nothing they can approve wrong against you.

The community of Eastern Equatoria State should surpport their leaders to prevail the spirit of peace in the state. They don't say that peace will be brought by the elected leaders , to bring peace in the place is a duty of everybody who living in the state.

20/05/2010, 4:27 PM
 - Posted by Dholbentiu Bentiu
Congratulation Mr.Lojore.

I am sure the black book on the table is the bible not quran,the name Louis was given to you during your baptism.The people of Eastern Equatoria had done their part, the bible say action speak louder then words.

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