Salva Kiir Sworn in As South Sudan President

The newly elected President of the Government of Southern Sudan General Salva Kiir Mayardit has officially taken office.

Salva Kiir Sworn in As South Sudan President
General Salva Kiir Mayardit takes oath of office. [©Gurtong]

By Juma John Stephen

JUBA, 21 May 2010 (Gurtong) – President Kiir was sworn into office today at the Dr John Garang’s Mausoleum in the South Sudanese capital Juba by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Southern Sudan.

Upon taking oath of office, Kiir said the South Sudanese struggle would continue as he enumerated on his new government’s objectives in the next five years.

“The people of South Sudan want peace, better living standards and freedom which my government will strive to achieve. I will not be a disgrace to the people who showed confidence in me by re-electing me back to office”, he said.

President Kiir, in his trademark hat, pointed out that he will dedicate a percentage of the oil money to rural transformation in order to avoid rural-urban migration.

He added that his new government will remain focused on improving the lives of South Sudanese.

The new South Sudanese leader warned that he would not tolerate any form of corruption in his government.

“Any unnecessary misuse of funds for trips abroad, buying of expensive cars or building of luxuries houses will not be tolerated because the money has to be used to help the citizens of South Sudan to develop the agricultural system, market economy and in  helping fishermen”, he said.

Speaking with an authoritative tone, Kiir termed 2010 as a year of combating child maternal mortality rate and setting up health facilities in all rural areas by 2015.

“Universal access to clean drinking water, improved physical infrastructure, efficient delivery of public services, peace and security and the rule of law shall be key in my new government”, said Kiir.

He also pledged not to tolerate any infringement to the bill of rights.

The President said that the 30 percent allocation to women he promised during his campaigns will be fulfilled by his government.

“The youth shall be provided with employment opportunities and the education sector will be fully supported. I call upon the Cabinet to make sure that this order is fulfilled during my term of office”, said Kiir.

He assured that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) will be fully implemented and added that the referendum will be held on time.

“I will lead the people of South Sudan to the direction they want”, said Kiir.

The occasion was attended by among others the Ugandan President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, former Kenyan  President Daniel Arap Moi, Kenya’s Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka, the chief negotiator of the CPA General Lazarus Sumbeywo, Sudan’s Vice President Ali Mohammed Taha and dignitaries from Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Africa and the international community.

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21/05/2010, 5:07 PM
 - Posted by Anonymous User
Commented by Deng Ruei Kong
21 may 2010

Even if the defeactors are not happy it is really General Salva Kiir who has sworn in today as president of GOSS.

South Sudanese cann't stop struggling until achieving their independent from Khartoum regim.
And it is SPLM that will bring freedom in South Sudan.

Giving no room to corruption will bring happiness to people of South Sudan about you your Excellency general president Salva Kiir Mayardit but those corrupts will not feel happy. Continue implementing what you have promised to your people and they will be with you in everything. When corruption die out in South Sudan the development will be in its position.

Women and youth will have no problem, if what had been promised cann't be interrupted by corrupts at the level where the president of GOSS can not see them doing their corruption. They will get fear because they have heard president Salva Kiir saying that he would not with stand any corruption. In our dreams we know that in five years coming development would be in place.

Referendum will take place as is it a final process for South Sudan to reach independent. Our enemies who are intruders of Sudan are not feeling comfort when they hear us talking about separation of South Sudan from North Sudan.


22/05/2010, 7:27 AM
 - Posted by william Abur
Congratulation to president elected General Salva Kiir Mayaridit. You have truly outlined all issues facing south Sudanese I appreciated your commitment and dedication to serve southern Sudanese people’s interest. Indeed people of southern Sudan are exhausted with conflict from our enemies and within us; we need peace and stable security in all states of south Sudan.
Yes have mentioned a corruption let all corrupters disagreeing with you but we the true hearted citizens of south Sudan will follow you in your vision to accomplish a mission of south Sudan, it is true not tolerance the corruption at this time teach all corrupters a lesson.
Money for oil need to go rural area for important things such as water, hospitals, clinic agriculture and security purposes and not people who want to buys a luxuries houses and cars.
The referendum issue is a very crucial that we are waiting eagerly. Therefore, yours Excellency Mr. President we need you to ensure referendum take place according to CPA, Our enemies will attempt all means to delay implementation of referendum but we will not accept their delay mechanisms.
I would say how lucky we are this time to have election and elected president, for those who participated in election say to yourself SPLA/M oyeeee!!! Oyeee!!! Dr John Garang Oyeee!!!! Salva Kiir Oyeeee!!!!. With out SPLA/M and its leaders some of us would not tasted a voting in south Sudan.

By William Bol Deng in Australia
22/05/2010, 9:53 AM
 - Posted by Ajak johnson
The speech of the president of goverment of southern sudan camrate salva kiir was very in terested mostly to the youth and wowen during his oaths.the only statement i enjoy was,the youth should be provide with employment opportunities and education sectors should be supported fully.these saying make the gathering happy. we welcome your new leadership mr.president and we are sure your new office will employed the youth.
22/05/2010, 6:14 PM
 - Posted by Gee Duk Appadier
Mayärdït’s authoritative tune in his new government is the beginning of hope for the people who essentially belief that economic prosperity of the today’s southern Sudan could mean wining all wars of the Sudan. This is clearly the best method in bringing down the Khartoum’s regime. The economic potentials of the southern Sudan are huge and are the hopes of the whole of Sudan. One need not to be a scholar of the Sudan or a member of the SPLA rebels in order to know this fact

The North-South wars, at least in my view were largely on, who could have ultimate access to Sudan’s biggest oil fields, gold and other minerals in south of the country, and could it be the Dinkas or the semi-Arabs in the north? Not on religion or racial lines as is the case with majority in the southern Sudan today. Even though the south succeeds; the bonds between the Sudanese people are far greater than the imaginary lines that divide them.

But worse of all, the market economy and the creation of jobs that Gen. Mayärdït is talking about could only be achieved by the dedicated administration which intents to stay in power longer and in return for economic progress and individual freedom for not rocking the boat. But the SPLM as a party has proven itself incapable of administrative ambitions, and above all dogged by incompetency in bureaucracy and lack of internal discipline.
Driving expensive cars, building luxuries houses by government officials is not a good measure of the level of corruption. But in southern Sudan, Corruption could had been stemmed only if the party in power , the SPLM has zero tolerance on internal discipline. in this case it lacks. Every body speaks what he/she wants to tell the media as a self entity and not a political affiliate.

The current insecurity in southern Sudan is, again at least in my view, a blessing to the SPLM’S government in disguise. The government could have considered it as an ideal opportunity to enforce total martial law across the territorial integrity of southern Sudan. It could also be used to order the society itself from the current classes of cattle class, slum class, and urban class into an affluent middle and the higher modern society. Forced settlement is another essential thing that could be achieved using current insecurity as a pre-text.

One more point to make, citizenship by birth is not an automatic entitlement; it comes with responsibilities and must be earned therefore, loitering youths(girls&boys alike) , idle elders, demobilized combats, and prisoners with minor crimes must be conscripted into compulsory national service either in roads construction, building irrigation schemes, national parks patrol, etc. this would avoid idleness and dependency into active and pro-active citizens. There is no any non-governmental organization that can do this for us. This will also reduce the accumulative redundancy and laziness that have built itself on the Southern Sudanese for years.

M.T. Appadiaer
23/05/2010, 7:10 AM
 - Posted by Gee Duk Appadier
i do not see the reason of rewarding the women in southern Sudan with government positions to a tune of up to 30%. And if so, how does a woman in southern sudan qualify for political respresentation; i guess the people are merely interesting in beautiful ladies and those who dress well and hail them hey! you deserve 25% to 30% of political participation. No ethical morality in place other than that.
What is the entire population of southern Sudan? and that case which number(s) are women in comparison toz men?.

M.T. Appadiaer
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