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Monitoring The Coverage Of Sudan 2010 Elections Interim Report No. 7 Period 5- 14 May 2010 Issued on 20 May 2010

I. Foreword and Executive Summary

This report provides the findings of the media monitoring activities in the period from 5 May to 14 May 2010. This is the seventh media monitoring report published by the Sudan Media and Elections Consortium (SMEC). The Sudan Media and Elections Consortium (SMEC) was established to implement the Media and Elections Project in Sudan. One of the main activities of the SMEC is media monitoring of Sudanese media’s election coverage. The media monitoring takes place all over Sudan with two main joint media monitoring units, one in Khartoum and one in Juba.

There are also parallel media monitoring units set up in seven states. The media monitoring units commenced their activities on 13 February coinciding with the beginning of the election campaign and will continue until the end of May in order to assess post-election coverage and the coverage of election re-runs in several states. The SMEC carries out media monitoring of four TV stations, seventeen radio channels and thirteen newspapers on a daily basis1. All selected media are monitored according to a methodological approach created in 1995 and based on content analysis.

The monitoring of election and political coverage is based on both quantitative and qualitative analysis and aims to observe and assess the extent to which media provide fair and balanced coverage of politicians and other stakeholders. The project also monitors hate speech or inflammatory language to assess whether the media acted as agents of pacification or rather contributed to increase any potential tensions related to elections. READ FULL REPORT

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