Yambio Stadium Crumbles

The walls of the great Gbudue Stadium and Sports Complex in Western Equatoria State that hosted this year’s fifth Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) celebrations have collapsed following heavy rains that have hit the state.

Yambio Stadium Crumbles
The Gbudue Stadium and Sports Complex in Western Equatoria State. [© Gurtong]

By Clement Gbatanawo

YAMBIO, 25 May 2010 (Gurtong) – The facility’s walls have crumbled just after four months following its completion, a situation that has put both the engineer and architect to task as they have been asked to explain the occurrence.

The rain forest region has been hit by heavy downpours this year and the hurried work at the stadium could not withstand the strong rains.

Early this year, most state residents complained over the poor work done at the sports facility by supposedly “money-minded engineers from Khartoum”.

They had only given the stadium a 6 months life span but it crumbled too early, despite the engineers’ assurances that it would last long enough.

A concerned citizen commented that it was a “shame for the CPA organisers and the engineers not to consider the timing of building such an important and long lasting asset”.

“Something should be done to rectify the image and credibility of such an engineer”, said the furious unidentified Yambio resident.

In self defense, the engineer told local radio Yambio FM that he was under immense pressures as his team went about the construction.

“The whole team was under pressure to meet the deadline for the celebrations”, said the engineer.

His claim has however been rubbished by the locals as a move to absolve himself from blame and to save the face of his company.

The stadium was rated as the best in the whole of South Sudan as it could host approximately 10,000 people.

The stadium was one of the monuments left behind by the legacy of the first ever CPA celebrations and the immediate former State Governor Jemma Nunu Kumba who played an instrumental role in its establishment.

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25/05/2010, 3:42 PM
 - Posted by Deng Ruei
Commented by Deng Ruei Kong
25 may 2010

Ha! Whatever people doing in hurry can not last for long. They (engimeers) were just interesting in getting money but they were not seriuos to construct permanent asset in the State. Such engineers can not be hired again , they really jeapodise they economy of W.E.S and it will be hard struggle to renovaite the Scrumbled Stadium.

Although the heavy rain in W.E.S desconstructed the Stadium there is a hope that the State government should re-construct that Stadium.
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