Jemma Nunu Kumba’s Final Lap in Office

The Western Equatoria State caretaker Governor Jemma Nunu Kumba yesterday presided over her last function as Governor by laying a foundation block for the State Ministry of Finance, Trade and Industry’s new offices.

By Clement Gbatanawo

YAMBIO, 25 May 2010 (Gurtong) – The immediate former State Governor was accompanied by all the caretaker ministers and state directors.

During the ceremony, Kumba commended the State Ministry of Finance for effectively utilising the resources at its disposal in developing the state.

The first post- Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) female Governor in South Sudan further encouraged the Ministry to continue managing the state’s resources for development.

“Let us all remember that resources do not belong to current leadership but will last to serve future generations in Western Equatoria State”, she said.

She urged the state residents to remain united and take the state ahead with the incoming government despite the acrimony witnessed in last month’s hotly-contested polls.

Kumba also announced her next move after her ouster from the gubernatorial seat by independent candidate Joseph Bakosoro.

“I am going to represent the state at a higher hierarchy of the government at the Political Bureau in Juba”, she said.

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25/05/2010, 5:00 PM
 - Posted by Anonymous User
It is so good Nunu to hand over the State's properties in that humble spirit.Some of the leaders don't want to do like as Nunu did when they are defeated. They don't like even to say a word of encouragement to incoming body or leave the properties as they are belong to the residents of that State they go away with them as their fathers' properties. Also they struggle for power as they are willing but they cann't understand whether the will of the community is for them or not.

It is an appreciation for the people of W.E.S because they had implemented what was signed in CPA by giving a position of governorship to female politician. There is no discrimination in the State of Western Equatoria.

The hearts other female leaders have are really for the development of the country because of what Jemma Kumba did is a justification, she encouraged the ministry of finance, trade $industry to continue managing the State's resources for development. There will be nothing that call for accountibilty of underdevelopment about Kumba but will be on the new government, if there are no signs of development.

The unity Kumba urged her people to be in will be there because God is always with ladies in fact they are the ones who give birth to everybody. In the other hands they don't have sturbone stone hearts, humbility is what they have. I really blieve that if the president of the republic of the Sudan is a female, there would no crisis in Sudan from all the corners.
26/05/2010, 11:22 AM
 - Posted by Daniel Mathiang
Mrs. Nunu,

I am happy of the way you hand over the office. you are actually to be compared to Nelson Madela.
You have show a good spirit of leadership at this point.
God bless you in your next office and please continue with that sprit.

Mathiang Ayuekdit.
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