Speech Delivered By H.E. Justice Telar Ring Deng, Caretaker Governor Of Lakes State

On The Occasion Of The Convocation Of Lakes State Legislative Assembly On 26th May, 2010.

  •   H.E. Eng. Chol Tong Mayay, Governor Elect of Lakes State,
  •  H.E. Nok Marial Buot, D/Governor and Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency, Lakes State,
  • Advisors,
  • Honorable Elected Members of the Lakes State Legislative Assembly,
  • Judge of High Court, Lakes State,
  • Ministers of Lakes State Government,
  • Members of the State Security Committee,
  • County Commissioners, Lakes State,
  • Clerk of the Assembly,
  • Directors of the Ministries,
  • Heads of Departments,
  • Heads of Religious Denominations, Lakes State,
  • Foreign and Indigenous Organizations,
  • Distinguished Guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen, 
Good Morning,
Today, we gather here in this August House to celebrate the convening of the first elected Assembly in the history of Lakes State. Elections and Assembly are a part of the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA). First, please allow me to congratulate and to welcome all the elected Members in the recent elections in May 2010 to this August House of the Lakes State Legislative Assembly.
Your Excellencies, Distinguished Guests and Honorable Members of Lakes State Legislative Assembly, this is the first elected Assembly of which I am bound to offer my sincere advice to you. During this first sitting in accordance with section 67(1) of the interim constitution of Lakes State, 2007, you are to  elect the Speaker, the Deputy Speaker and the Assembly Controller from among yourselves individuals with undisputable integrity, ability, technical know- how, honesty, loyal to the people of this State, SPLM and capable of keep this Assembly united, and to abide by Lakes State Interim constitution, independence from out side influence but to keep the mission of creating and maintaining peace, unity, stability and constantly working collectively and in harmony to create permanent good Governance in this State.
I would like to draw attention of the public of Lakes State that this Assembly as elected must freely exercise its constitutional duties without influence, intimidation and threats from any other organs of Government of this State whatsoever. It must be given the respect its deserves as an elected Body representing the people. The role of the Assembly as vested on it by the CPA, the constitution thereof, the laws of this State should be accorded their right of supervision of the Executive to ensure respect and protection of Human Rights, democracy, Good governance, and respect for the rule of law. The Assembly as such shall be free to supervise the use of State resources, the evenly and equitable division of such resources in all Counties for equal provision of services and development of the people of Lakes State.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
This Assembly is charged with the responsibility to protect the Community welfare, peace and unity of the people of this State. The Assembly as a representative of the people should maintain good relations with the Executive and to respect  the independence of the Judiciary so that they collectively deliver good services to the people and the rule of law.
Your Excellencies, Honorable Members, Distinguished Guests, allow me to remind you strongly that your number one duty after the establishment of  the Assembly structures and Government, you and the SPLM State Secretariat are urged to conduct voter education campaign in the civil population in towns and the State, the necessity and meaning of the referendum in January, 2011. In doing so, you shall make sure that the citizens are made aware of the importance in voting fully in the referendum in 2011 for either unity or separation. Lakes State must lead its citizens in making a well informed choice either secession or unity. The citizens must be made aware of pro and coins of their decision.
In regards to use of State resources, the Government is expected to introduce universal system of collection of revenue with standard financial receipts and forms. The Government as such is bound by law to submit draft projects to the Assembly for scrutinized and to ensure evenly and equitable distribution of such projects before launching. The Assembly is to be fully informed of the previous projects which were launched in the State, amount of money used, appreciation and evaluation of such projects must be spelt out to the Assembly to ensure their success or failure.
On the side of the Legislature, you are obliged to make legal and proper legislations for good development of this community. You are to discourage unnecessary, personal attacks against yourselves as members of this Assembly and against your own government because the Assembly is responsible to keep peace in the State, to work for reconciliation and forgiveness in order to create a pleasant and permanent unity in the State.
The Government on the other hand, is expected to abide by laws or Acts passed by this Assembly. In no way should the Government levy taxes contrary with taxes stipulated in the following Acts:
1.     Land and Survey Act, 2007
2.     Taxation Act, 2007
3.     Forestry and Natural Resources Act, 2010.
Needless to cite more, this Assembly is obliged by law to be firm in reviewing power sharing in the Government and give relevant advice to be adhered to by the Government of the day. All levels of Government must maintain good co-operation and respect one another.
Your Excellencies, Honourable Members, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to take this opportunity to remind you of the following viable institutions and activities needed to promote and develop the people. The are:-
1)    Physical Infrastructure:
One would hope that our government should make roads connecting all Payams within the Counties of this State. 
2)    Education:
(a) Encourage good quality education by first training all teachers at    all levels so that they are aware and fit to teach the subjects well.
(b) Avail pays or salaries to them when due i.e. every month.
(c) Make strict rules to discipline the students.
(d) Make law to control girl-child education. Such should prevent   
earlier marriages and must have clauses which may punish those who contravene such law through bad practices; in short, conception of girls while in schools et cetera. 
3)    Health:
Health services should be made available in distant population but none passable areas in summer like Aliab, Pakam, Gong Toch, Kuek areas, so that the population of the State as a whole receive equal care. On the other hand, our Government should be in position to provide Canoes for crossing rivers at points which connect population of various Payams such as Ngop, Bar Grindi and Anuol Payam, Pagarau and Aluakluak and any other crossing points at any parts of Lakes State.
Today, I am happy to assure you that the top of delegation of this Assembly and Government is:
a)     To create peace in warring sections of our population by constituting courts to try such cases and be able to compensate deceased persons, restore or make good of any cattle raided by other raiders. Such laws should punish raiders or thieves through imprisonment without bail and a fine. Such convicted criminals should also be transferred to distant prisons to serve their sentences away from their localities.
b)    The Assembly and the Government shall be obliged to make peace and reconciliation, to advocate forgiveness, to and among warring factions to come to peaceful co-existence and unity.
c)     Besides reconciliation, food should reach such areas in time. However, the government should be able to care for its employees and never to deprive any employee of his/her rights (wages or salaries).
Lakes State Government Policy priorities should include the following but not limited to:-
1.     Controlling and bringing security of the State into manageable situation.
2.     Provision of services to the citizens of Lakes State evenly and equitable so as to support and to fulfill election promises which we delivered during the Campaign.
3.     Improving the living standard through lifting the taxes on essential consumable goods or commodities.
4.     Improve Agriculture production, farming and animal rearing.
5.     Promote private enterprises by way of giving loans to farmers and local traders.
6.     The Town Council authorities must levy taxes on buildings or shops hired out to traders or individuals by their owners.
7.     Abide by the Taxation Act and collect fees from allotment of plots, issue of petty licenses by those working in restaurants, introduce health licenses. 
Challenges Facing the Lakes State Government:-
1.     Insecurity caused by inter tribal conflicts in the Counties and between the Counties’ population.

2.     Lack of good number of well trained police.

3.     Global Economic downturn which also contributed to wide spread insecurity in the whole of the State.

4.     Lack of financial resources to implement essential and viable projects..
Your Excellencies, Honourable Members, Distinguished Guest, Ladies and Gentlemen, may I once again remind you to establish a good spirit of teamwork by all organs or levels of this State. Double your efforts in making wide and good campaign so that Lakes as a State should score the highest voter turnout in the Referendum – be number one in voting for either of the two choices ( unity or secession). Since we have amongst us and in us a dangerous enemy – CORRUPTION, we jointly and collectively fight against it so that it is uprooted to enable our Government achieve proper development of the people of Lakes State.
I have come to realize that Lakes State has amended “Wath Aleel” Article  in respect to blood compensation or dia. In respect to law making processes, and particularly a common law like “Wath Aleel” which covers the Dinka of Bhar El Ghazal, I urge  H.E. the in- coming Governor of Lakes State and the Assembly to request Governors and Assemblies of Greater Bahr El Ghazal and their chiefs to hold a tribal Chiefs’ Conference in order to make any  amendments that are deem necessary. For Lakes State Legislative Assembly to amend any provision of “Wath Aleel” Dinka customery law act of Bhar El Ghazal without the participation of other Greater Bhar El Ghazal  States is null and void and should immediately be repealed.
On your side, be obliged to exercise fair power sharing and all that you do for security, participation and development of the people.
Your Excellencies, I thank all of you who turned up on time to share in the opening and celebrating the convocation of this Assembly today. My thanks go to the Clerk of this Assembly and the staff for making this occasion successful.
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the President of the Government of Southern Sudan for the trust given to him by the citizens of this State in electing him to lead them towards the referendum in 2011 and beyond. I also congratulate one of our citizens of this State; Journalist Mr. Manyang Mayom  who have just won an awarded an award for 2010 on freedom of expression and human rights defend from Human Rights Watch, Hellman Grant.
Finally, as I am leaving the office soon as the Caretaker Governor, I would like to convey to the in-coming Governor to take note of my personal observations. I must be frank and honest to state in no uncertain terms that this Great State suffers from the following shortcomings and misgivings:
1.    Lack of Rule of Law in which the weak, poor are victimized by the powerful and wealthy individuals to get away with heinous crimes;

2.    Willful negligence in resolving intra and inter- tribal conflicts;

3.    Nepotism and tribal tendencies by some elites of this State in inflaming tribal conflicts;

4.    Lack of leadership vision, public interest, transparent and accountable Government to the citizens of this State;

5.    Interference of the Executive in matters constitutionally conferred upon the Assembly, Judiciary and like wise interference of the Assembly in matters exclusively conferred to the Executive by the State Constitution.

6.    Inter power struggle among the Assembly members and the Executive, which does not pay well with the interest of the public and the duties the Assembly and the Executive are constitutionally commanded to do.

7.    Lack of judicial independence as a result of persistent and constant inference in judicial matters. It must be noted with the utmost care that judiciary is independent and must exercise its functions without favour or fear from any authority whatsoever.
I have said all these with all good intensions bearing in heart the public interest of the citizens of this Great State and if I have inadvertently offended any one of you, I sincerely apologise to you individually and collectively. 

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29/05/2010, 5:10 PM
 - Posted by Anonymous User
Commented by Deng Ruei Kong
29 may 2010

Justice Telar Ring cann't mess like other leaders who mess and blame other but the problems are originated from them. Let's look at the way he has delivered his speech it shows that he is really well educated person. People of Lakes State would have to appointed him, if they were awared about him like now during the time governors were appointed and now there is no chance for the people to say no let Telar be in the office because there is elected governor. You people of Lakes State don't foreget Telar, if he contest for any position in the future elect him. These are the type of leaders we are thirsty for in South Sudan to be in the government. If the GOSS is run by good leaders like Telar, the development and security will be in their positions.

Whatever, the government doing needs to be done in accordinance with rule of law and ever not doing that there is a too much messing in the government's offices. Why Telar has no problem he based his administration on the interiem constitutions of Southern Sudan $ Lakes State.

The way is opened to Engineer elected governor Chol Tong Mayay for good governance in Lakes State by Justice Telar Ring. I have confidentiality that Chol should be good leader who cann't be influenced by corrupts leaders of Lakes State to follow their way of involvement in tribals' conflicts.
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