Inauguration Speech delivered by H. E. Eng Chol Tong Mayay, Governor of Lakes State

Inauguration Speech delivered by H. E. Eng Chol Tong Mayay, Governor of Lakes State to the Lakes State Legislative Assembly on May 28, 2010.


  • H. E. Justice Telar Ring Deng, Caretaker Governor of Lakes State,
  • Rt.Honorable. John Mariik Makur,Speaker, Lakes State Legislative Assemble,
  • H. E. David Nok Marial , Deputy Governor of Lakes State,
  • Judge of the High Court, Lakes State,
  • Honorable Deputy Speaker, Lakes State Legislative Assemble,
  • H. E. Advisors and Ministers, Lakes State Government,
  • Honorable Controller, Lakes State Legislative Assembly,
  •  Honorable Members, Lakes State Legislative Assemble,
  • County Commissioners, Lakes State
  •  Heads of Organized Forces, Lakes State
  •  Clerk of the Assembly, Lakes State Legislative Assembly,
  •  Secretary General, Lakes State Government Secretariat General,
  • Heads of Commissions, Lakes State,
  •  UN and NGOs representatives,
  • Senior Civil Servants,
  • Religious Leaders,
  •  Distinguished Guests,
  • Ladies and Gentlemen,


At the beginning allow me, Honorable Speaker, to give a special tribute to our fallen heroes and heroines and patriots, on top of them Cde John Garang de Mabior who have scarified their precious souls for our freedom, justice and equality. May we all observe one minute in their remembrance. Thank you.

Honorable Speaker, allow me first of all to congratulate you for being unanimously elected as the Speaker of Lakes State Legislative Assembly and also extend my congratulations to the Deputy Speaker and Controller of the Assembly. I salute all honorable members in this august house for this spirit of comradeship manifested today in electing your leadership. I hope such spirit of comradeship shall continue, and let us always explore those issues which unite us instead of engaging in those issues which divide us, because the remaining tasks of referenda and nation building are indeed challenging.

Dear Comrades, as  I have sworn in before this august House today after a landslide victory of the SPLM at all levels ,is a celebration of freedom and it symbolizes an end  to oppression as well as a beginning of a new era of peace, justice and prosperity. We have come a long way and many hurdles were laid but surpassed by the will and determination of our people. We are here today not by chance but it is a result of a long protracted struggle against all forms of injustice, lack of freedoms and monopoly of power by a clique in which millions of lives were scarified. Hence let us congratulate first and foremost the gallant forces of SPLA, fallen and wounded heroes/heroines, orphans and widows, chiefs, women and men of Lakes State and all Sudanese people for this achievement. Those martyrs had accomplished their task and the torch has been passed to us the living. I will quote Abraham Lincoln: “… is for us the living rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have so far nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us- that from these honoured dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they have gave the last full measure of devotion -that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain, that this nation under God shall have new birth of freedom…..”


Fellow Citizens,

The people of Lakes State ( Aramweer) have loudly spoken in the April 2010 elections in which they have overwhelmingly voted for our great party, SPLM. At this juncture, let me extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the people of Lakes State for their trust and confidence in electing Cdr Salva Kiir Mayaydit as the President of Government of Southern Sudan, me as the Governor of Lakes State and all SPLM candidates to various level of assemblies. It is a clear mandate that SPLM shall lead the people of Lakes State in particular and Southern Sudanese in general to the Promised Land that is independent of Southern Sudan and it has proved beyond doubt that Lakes State is and shall remain a stronghold for the SPLM. The positive and recognized contribution of the people of this State during struggle till today shall be rewarded by the SPLM government.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

During the campaign I made the following promises:

  • Maintenance and improvement of security situation in the State.
  • Early preparation for referendum.
  • Provision of basic social services equitably.
  •  Improvement of food security.
  • Improvement of physical infrastructure.
  • Good governance.

Today, as a Governor of Lakes State, I reiterate my commitment to delivering these promises during my term in office. I shall, therefore setup an efficient and representative cabinet composed of individuals with technical ability, integrity, honesty, dedication and commitment to serve the people of Lakes State and SPLM so that these promises are achieved. It is equally important that supremacy of rule of law, separation of powers, cooperation and understanding between the three pillars of government: executive, Legislature and Judiciary shall be observed such that the government is able to efficiently and equitably deliver services to citizens of Lakes State without hindrance.

On my part I assure this august house that my government shall work hand in hand with the other arms of government to enable us serve and change the life of our people who have suffered for decades. The Policy Statement of my government entailing programs and strategies shall be tabled before this august house soonest when the state government is formed and full fledge functioning.


Fellow Citizens,

It is high time today to ensure you that Lakes State government under my leadership shall:

1.   Maintain unity, peace and stability in the State.

2.   Ensure that executive at all levels is transparent and accountable to the people of this state who elected it.

3.   Fight corruption at all levels of government.

4.   Respect the supremacy of Rule of Law, that nobody is above the law, and separation of powers between Executive, Legislature and Judiciary.

5.   Ensure equitable distribution of resources to all people of this State.

6.   Ensure that recruitment, appointment and promotion of civil servants is done accordance with public service laws and regulations.

7.   Guarantee and promote freedom of press with emphasis to local press.

8.   Advance the cause of women empowerment and emancipation.

9.   Protect and promote rights of child, people with special needs, elderly, youth and women.

10.                     Ensure respect and protection of human rights.


Honorable Speaker,

I would like at this point to congratulate one of the talented youth of this state; Journalist Mr. Manyang Mayom who is a winner of 2010 award on Freedom of Expression and Human Right Defend from Human Right Watch, Hellman Grant. It is an honor and a great achievement for people Lakes State in particular and Southern Sudan at large. Lakes State government shall organize a celebration party in honor of Journalist Manyang Mayom.


Honorable Speaker, ladies and gentlemen,

The  people of Lakes State; women, widows and wounded heroes/heroines, youth, religious groups, traders, folklore groups, singers and men in the eight counties deserve thousands of thanks for their support and trust. My government is there for you and it shall endeavor towards improving your livelihood in the next five years.

 At this juncture I would like to give a special thanks and gratitude to Justice Telar Ring Deng, former Caretaker Governor and his team for the commendable work done. He has during his short period made a significant difference in the state and has successfully supervised elections. We wish that the SPLM leadership will consider offering him an equally challenging position as he is always prepared for such challenging task.  I wish him success in his new assignment and people of Lakes State will remember you.

Lastly, I owe thousands of thanks to my campaign team and volunteers headed by Cde Pur Cieng-gan and all friends and relatives who supported me in kind or in cash through elections period. It was a well done job. Thank you very much, this victory is yours.



Freedom Oyee

Unity Oyee

Lakes State Oyee

Souther Sudan Oyee

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02/06/2010, 3:22 AM
 - Posted by william Abur
First, I would like to congratulation new elected governor of lake state, H E Engineer Chol and all parliamentarians of Lake State. The speech and promise of H .E governor is impressive in theoretically although the former governor of Lake State H E Daniel Awut who is now a deputy speaker of southern parliament was not mentioned or his pervious work has not been acknowledge. It is fundamentally important to thank him and acknowledge his contributions to Lake State, and it is also good for a politically reason.
I’m pleased that H E governor promised to address the issue of insecurity in Lake State. We, the citizens of southern Sudan want all the governors of southern Sudan to work collectively to address insecurity issue. There is no reason for conflict and tribalism this time, we freedom and protection of citizens as well as better delivering services to people. I hope people of Lake State will not face a tribal conflict. May the almighty God bless a new governor in his role and all the Lake State and all parliamentarians.
By William Bol Deng
04/07/2010, 7:20 AM
 - Posted by Manyang Mador Koch
This remarkable Speech have a clear goal to be achieved under the first democratic elected government of Lakes State. Firstly, the formation of his government indicate to us that there is fairness under his leadership. Secondly, his educational capacity will play a significant role and its will also create free and fair elections in Lakes State. This is a positive accountability especially in government elected by the people.

Long live SPLM
Long live Greater Lakes State
Long live first ever responsible government in Lakes State and Southern Sudan in general.

Manyang Mador Koch
International Relations

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