Morukodo Community Maridi County: Request For The Equal Power Sharing In The County

Date June 3, 2010
From:  Morukodo Community Maridi County.                                                  
To: H.E the Governor elect for Western
Equatorial State - Yambio Sudan.


First and foremost, on the behalf of the entire Morukodo Community of Maridi County, we would like to extend our whole heartedly congratulation to you for your overwhelming victory of winning the post of Governorship during the General election in the Sudan. Considering this to be the first historical events in our Country and the state as to define ‘’Democracy ‘’is for the people and by the people, simply translated as “peoples’ choice’’
In reflection of the above reference, we would like to take this golden chance of silence in commemoration of our great Elder, Brigadier Late Samuel Abu John Kabash for having shown to us the equally power sharing in the state of which we will not easily forget him in doing so as we are now having representatives in the state government.


We would like to honor your high office as placing down our co-existence of the six tribes found within Maridi County western Equatorial state as all along we had been enjoying our social, economically and political atmosphere of the County. As the result of been in the circular systems of the County Administration, apparently Morukodo Community are at the virtue of requesting your high office to have the opportunity of this community to administer also in the highest post/executive post of commissionership of the County as this has never happened since the creation of the SPLM/A government systems. The below are possible nominated candidates by the Morukodo community in Maridi County.
1. Mr. Enosa Aguno Zungo - Trained Soldier without rank.
2. Mr. Justine Zachariah Kula – Trained soldier in the rank of Colonel.
Once again, on the behalf of the Morukodo community and the writer, we would like to ensure you that we are entirely behind you to give you all the support that you deserve from us as the citizens of western equatoria state.

Accept our sincerely beloved greetings from Maridi
Kozi oyee…Maridi oyee….. Western equatoria oyeee………..! 
And long live our elected Governor!

Find below is the list of Morukodo community who are asked by the community to undersign this document: 
1. Dr. Kurukobi James Loma – USA
2. Eng. Kuruloma John Dokada – Thailand
3. Dr. Asuloku Joseph Luke – Australia
4. Rev: Wilson Isaa Tawa – South Maridi
5.  Dr. Asijenze Dawud Logo – Canada
6. Chief: Fraser Samuel Ombigo
7. Prof. Luke Kerenze Nzawa Bele – India
8. Payam SPLM Secretary – Elia Angutuwa Kodo - Kozi
9. Deputy Payam Administrator – Kozi Payam – John Talli
10. Rev: Moses Zungo Seth - Maridi
11. Ustaz : William Sabbath Kefa – Maridi
12. Ustaz: Sylvan Sebit Gono - Maridi
13. Ustaz: Tito Elias Zara - Juba
14. Mama: Yomima Jeremiah – Kozi - Maridi
15. Rev: Charles Jeremiah – Kozi - Maridi
16. Ustaz: John James Daa – Maridi
17. Youth Leader: Elia Samuel Ombigo – Kozi
18. Youth Secretary Mr. Tabule Idu Kerenze Nzawa Nairobi.
19. Vice Y. Leader Mr. Leepy Bernard Leepy Manga - Kampala.
20. Business Community Representative
Mr. Bagiri  Khamis Gono Ngawa
21.  Women representative: Mrs.  Ondi  Ngawa Tabia  

Reference Copies.

1. Cc: Minister of local Government for Western Equatoria – Yambio S. Sudan.
2. Cc: SPLM Secretary State Capital Yambio S. Sudan.
3. Cc: SPLM Secretary Maridi County, S.Sudan.
4. Cc: SPLM Secretary Kozi Payam Maridi County.
5. Cc: Paramount Chief Kozi Payam Maridi County 
6. Cc: Morukodo Chairperson Maridi County
7. Cc: file 

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