E. Equatoria State Ministers and County Commissioners Named

The new Governor of Eastern Equatoria State Brigadier General Louis Lobong Lojore yesterday issued two decrees appointing 11 State Ministers and six County Commissioners.

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 09 June 2010 (Gurtong) – “In exercise of powers conferred upon me under article 114 (1) of the Interim constitution of Eastern Equatoria State 2008; I, Louis Lobong Lojore, Governor, Eastern Equatoria State, do hereby decree appointment of the following persons for the following executive positions with effect from 7th June, 2010,” his letter decree number 3/2010 dated 7th June, 2010 reads.

State Ministers Governor’s decree number 3/2010;
Comrade Nartisio Loluke Manir, Deputy Governor and Minister of Local Government & Law Enforcement

1.    Comrade Josephine Kulang Abalang, Minister of Finance, Trade & Industry
2.    Comrade Jerome Gama Surur, Minister of Agriculture, Forestry & Animal Resources
3.    Comrade Nasike Allan Lochul, Minister, Information & Communication
4.    Comrade Michael Lopuke Lotyam, Minister of Education, Science & Technology
5.    Comrade Sam Felix Makuja, Minister of Health
6.    Comrade George Echom Ekeno, Minister of Environment, Wildlife Conservation & Tourism
7.    Mr. Emilo William Odingila, Minister of Labour, Public Service & Human Resource
8.    Comrade Peter Karlo Otim, Minister of Roads & Transport
9.    Comrade Magdalena Beato Atiol, Minister of Culture and Community/Social Development
10.    Comrade Mark Akio Akinbul,, minister of Housing & Public Utilities

County Commissioners, EES Governor’s decree number 2/2010

1.    Comrade Peter Lokeng Lotone, Commissioner, Ikotos County
2.    Comrade Martin Lorika Lojam, Commissioner, Kapoeta South County
3.    Comrade Peter Ochilo, Commissioner, Magwi County
4.    Comrade Titos Lokwacuma Loteam, Commissioner  Kapoeta East County
5.    Comrade Felix Otuduha Siro, Commissioner, Torit County
6.    Comrade Lokai Iko Loteyo, Commissioner, Kapoeta North County

The two County Commissioners of Budi and Lafon have not yet been appointed as community consultations are underway.

Governor Brigadier General Lojore said he has been making the appointments of Commissioners through popular consultation with respective communities.


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