South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture holds elections

Benjamin Bol Mel re-election chair of the business community.

South Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture holds elections
Bol Mel, Chamber of Commerce Chair(© Gurtong)

By Juma John Stephen

JUBA, July 18 (Gurtong) – The Southern Sudan Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture last Saturday re-elected Benjamin Bol Mel as their Chairperson. Mel who is a businessman has been holding the office since he took over from the former officials.

Also elected to office are Losidik Lodu Lukak and Ms. Salwa Pakony Monytuil as deputy chairpersons and Simon Akuei Deng as the Secretary-General.

The chamber is charged with the responsibility of forming a new board that will legally handle business issues in Southern Sudan.

In his acceptance speech,Mel said that in collaboration with the Government of Southern Sudan the Chamber would concentrate on the agricultural sector and pledged to continue to implement programmes already laid down by the previous administration which he spearheaded and assist sorghum merchants find solutions to problems confronting them.

He also promised that he would complete the structure of the Southern Sudan Chamber so that it really meets the aspirations of the entire region. 

Ms. Salwa Pakony said the Chamber would work to establish a Bank in Juba and gradually expand to all the ten states of Southern Sudan in order to raise the standards of living of women.
The event which was hosted in Nyakuron Cultural Center was well attended and elections were free and fair. Celebrations continued after the victory of the renewed administration board of the Chamber.

This is going to be a major boost to the private sector in conducting business in Southern Sudan and the Chamber will be able to solve disputes that might arise from the Business community. The Chamber will also be able to work on projects that will support the business community and even negotiate on behalf of the businesses.


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