Union of Sudan African Party dissolved

USAP2 dissolved and members join SPLM

By Juma John Stephen

JUBA, 19th July (Gurtong) – The Leader of the United Sudan African Party 2 (USAP2), Uncle Eliaba James Surur and his Deputy Henry Kon today (Saturday) declared that their party has been dissolved and all the members are joining the SPLM and they have come to represent all of them. this announcement was made in the SPLM Secretariat for Southern Sector and the defection included members of other Political parties too.    

The 81 year old Eliaba James Surur said they came to represent the whole membership of the party. He said unity of the South is what they would like to see towards the referendum.
“We want unity of the Southern Sudanese people and we believe that through the SPLM we shall achieve it. We have dissolved the party USAP2 and with all our members we have joined SPLM”
Uncle Surur’s number 2 ranking from the party made it very clear and simple for the media, “There is no USAP2 any longer, they  (USAP2 )are now all members of SPLM, yes!” said the Deputy Chairman Henry Kon confidently to the media.
Two senior National Congress Party Members also defected to SPLM that included the former Minister of Education, Science and Technology in the Government of Southern Sudan Professor Job Dharuai Malou and Albino Ladu Said, the former Chairman of NCP in Central Equatoria State.
Speaking to the SPLM leadership, Prof. Job said he joined the SPLM for only two major reasons which he says;
“In practice within NCP, my understanding of the CPA has been proved wrong in light of what NCP informers say about me, the informers say that I have not been politically active. In other words, I have not been collecting and giving information about the activities of the SPLM and about the activities of the NCP Southern Members, of course this is contrary to my stated understanding of the CPA provisions.” Prof. Dharuai declared.
“I have deiced not to be a participant in what NCP will do to make unity attractive in the remaining five and half months. I shall witness the conclusion of the CPA on the side of the SPLM which has been honestly toiling to implement the agreement.  In other words I have today 17-07-2010 resigned from the NCP to join SPLM where I should belong to culturally and politically”Dharuai concluded.

While his colleague Albino Ladu Saaid, the former NCP Chairman in Central Equatoria State said that in Southern Sudan NCP does not enjoy any popularity at all in the rural areas.
“The leadership of the Southerners in the NCP is always undermined and I thought that I cannot continue to be part of a party which undermines and I also thought that I have to be in the same house with my brothers before the referendum comes.” Albino added.

“I cannot continue to be pointed as an enemy of my own people and land that is why I have come to join the SPL” he assured.   

Abdel Raham Mabior Makuei from the Democratic Unionist Party-Main Stream (DUP) said he wants to be part of history in working together with the SPLM in making the referendum a success.

According to Antipas Nyok, the SPLM Secretary for Political Affairs in the Southern Sector, the new members to the SPLM will be given equal rights with members who even joined the SPLM in 1983. He urged them to work together as a team with the old members.

Approximately there are above 380 new SPLM members who defected to SPLM from other parties in Malakal and above 250 from Central Equatoria State and more are yet coming hopeful by the time the referendum comes; all the others who are still outside the boat should get in.

Dr Anne Itto the Deputy SPLM Secretary-General for Southern welcomed the new members.   


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21/07/2010, 2:08 PM
 - Posted by Dholbentiu Bentiu
Dear brothers,

I wish all Southern Sudanese can joint SPLM,with SPLM we are now enjoying the CPA.
After referendum we can have a thousand political parties.

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