In Memory of John Garang

"Though he was 60 years old when he left us - He is going to be 5 years old on July 30th, 2010 (5/6 days away) -"

Though he was 60 years old when he left us - He is going to be 5 years old on July 30th, 2010 (5/6 days away) - under the world of the “Gone are they dead” Dr. John Garang de Mabior was admired as a hero of the Will of the Oppressed Sudanese under the current regime in Khartoum - under Omar El Bashir’s Government. Mabior have seen the storm of confusion, lust and flood of power greediness toward the course he pledges allegiance to; and he was never swerved, but kept his calm and coolness – self-confidence, just to liberate the enslaved, oppressed Sudanese from South to North, East to West of Sudan by the brutal Khartoum government.

People from all 4 corners of Sudan were/are inspired by his ability to lead and govern; patriotically with consistency to the oppressed Sudanese by the Regime in power. Those who wailed his death and dropped their tears – did it with the love of their own people and the Country - patriotism.

On July 31st, 2005 – I wrote the Poem below to Mourn his Death as Well as Celebrating his true Patriotic Service to SPLM/A. 

             Poem – Homage:

John Garang de Mabior, Born on June 23, 1945,
Died in air crash, July 30, 2005.
By,Gabriel Makuei Tor

In pain, with the loss of a man, of no equivalent
His intelligence, His freedom-giving wisdom,
Sweet and the only one sweet song of the oppressed.
 The man of the land, our stand to lean on
Sweet, were the days - we live and stand with you for sure.
As nation we lost you, like a caring father, you were.
When the Sea waves, rise high above the Sea level.
Your smartness kept us secured - holding nose above waters,
Your healthy decisions, your golden mind, your deep rooted legs
Your courageous heart - being our first weapon, our shield of 22 years
Now that you have died, how do I mourn, with dry eyes with no tears to shed?
The eyes, which have been shedding tears for a century now.
When the wild fires of Cush burned, you stood the ground,
You rescued your comrades; you hid the seeds of nations.
You resist the stigma, driven by the food-hired geese,
You restored our integrity, you made the struggle true.
You set us free, you paid the full price
We remain to take positions - the struggle continues.
Now that you kissed the earth
Not in vein, have you gone for
Never taken for granted, the service
That cut your life short, in your graveyard
Rest in peace, with our spirits and memories
You still live, in the minds and hearts of millions
                                                                    Among us.


Comrade, Tor is reachable at –

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