Lakes Assembly Member Dies

The Lakes State Legislative Assembly member representing Akot geographical constituency in the SPLM party list is dead.

By Manyang Mayom

JUBA, 02 August 2010 (Gurtong) -  Honourable Zakaria Chol Gideon succumbed to diabetes last Thursday in the state capital Rumbek.

His death caught the state by surprise as it prepared to celebrate the Martyrs’ Day on Friday at the Rumbek Freedom Square.

A sister to the deceased Maria Gideon confirmed to Gurtong that her brother had died from diabetes and added that the entire family was deeply shocked at the death.

“He complained of high blood pressure before being taken to Rumbek Hospital where he passed on as doctors attended to him”, she said.

She added that lack of medication could have contributed to the death as the legislator had run out of his medicine by the time of his death.

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