Over 20 people killed in cattle raids in greater Yirol county of Lakes state

Lakes State hit by serious clashes.

By Manyang Mayom

RUMBEK, August 4, 2010 (Gurtong) – serious clashes have resumed in the two Counties of greater Yirol; Yirol East (Nyang) County and Yirol West County of Lakes State. The clashes which occurred on Monday have claimed the lives of 22 people and also left 6 people with serious injuries.
Diardit Bol, the commissioner of Yirol West County, affirmed that his county has lost 21 men during the clashes.

Apart from those confirmed injured, Yirol West civil hospital sources revealed that people who have been injured come to the hospital one by one with serious wounds which has led to th hospital being overwhelmed since there is no enough medicine to treat them.

”Fighting has erupted again between our youth of Yirol West and Yirol East counties. In my capacity as county commissioner; I need strong backup from state authorities to reinforce the implementation of the traditional chiefs’ peace conference resolutions which were passed by traditional chiefs during Yirol Peace Conference in July “said Bol.

Another official said that the pastoralist youths carried out a gunfire confrontation at Nyigomkot cattle camp after Yirol West County pastoralists looted thousands of cows from Yirol East County on Monday night.

Lakes state minister of Local government and Law Enforcement Agency, Mabor Mayen Wol, has affirmed that more police forces are being sent to Yirol to curb the insecurity.  He also pointed out that the Lakes state police forces are faced with lack of equipment.  
Since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), rampant insecurity in Lakes State has crippled development projects.


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07/08/2010, 1:20 AM
 - Posted by magang chol matim
Killing and road side attackers and cattle raiders has become a passion in Lake State. Government of Lake State should make sure that to depoyed Mititary forces and Police forces along the border between Yirol West and Yirol East. Insecurity in Lake State had hit development issue that people always live in fear. There is no freedom of speech and freedom of movement in Lake State. I,m appeal to the Government of Lake State to empowered all the traditional chiefs and from there traditional chiefs should give powers to gelweng elect their own chairman to be responsible for any cause. if a person has be found to stolen cows from other person or tribes , this person has to be brought into justice of law and legal action maybe taken seriously without delay. I.,m very pretty sure that the current governor of lake state shall together to restore , peace and stability across state and produce very tough law across the state. The police forces might be responsible to maintain public orders.
07/08/2010, 9:24 AM
 - Posted by Manyang Mador Koch
Who is to be blame for the killing of 20 people in Yirol County, Daniel Awet Akot or Chol Tong Mayay?

It is quite simple and clear that the entire Southern administration as failed to disarmed people equally rather than finger pointing on an individual as tribal mind element used to blame former governor of Lakes State Daniel Awet Akot.
I believes, there were tribal bitter journalists who used to criticised former governor Daniel Awet Akot blaming him in relation to insecurity in Lakes State including people who had disappear or killed by wild animals still Awet remain subject of blame.
09/08/2010, 7:46 AM
 - Posted by Matot Akech Matot
In response to Manyang Koch .
I understand you mustly the lake state government or people in a state can not blaming former governor Awet but the blam the current one . Therefore to me i cannot blaming mr Chol Tong right now because this current insecurity is made of those who don't know anything . All in all they youth are really wilds not to understand what their parents say or counties commissioners then governors in a state .
In fact mr Awet governing is not quite 95% by his willing rules that why a lots of peoples are blaming him in his past rules .
Thanks anyway and no more blam to mr Chol Tong and the former governor .
May God bless you all .
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