Lafon/Lopa County in Eastern Equatoria State Renamed Lafon County

TORIT, March 5 (Gurtong) – Lafon/Lopa County in Eastern Equatoria State has been renamed Lafon County.

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By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

The Governor of Eastern Equatoria State, His Excellency Brigadier General Aloisio Ojetuk Emor, made the announcement while on an official visit to Imehejek to launch two educational institutions in the area.

Brigadier Emor said that it was the vision of the late SPLM leader, Dr. John Garang to have the county named Lafon according to his decree issued in 1994.

“As the Governor of Eastern Equatoria, I am simply implementing the wish of the late leader and father of SPLM and it is for this reason that I have made the announcement. Who am I to dishonour the wish our great leader?” said Brigadier Emor.

He appealed to the community of Imehejek to adjust to the change, emphasising that there was need to uphold peace for effective service delivery in the area.

He also urged the three communities of Pari, Lopit and Tennet including Lotuko, to deliberate and agree on their county headquarters.

The Commissioner of Eastern Equatoria State, His Excellency Luka Aribok Merte, who accompanied the Governor, stated that it was a hard task clarifying the name of the new county, adding that he was glad the name was finally agreed upon.

He promised to provide Lofan County community leaders with logistical and financial support in their upcoming leaders meeting and urged all the people of Lopa and Lofan to support the initiative in order to attain peace, love and unity in the county.

The number of counties in Eastern Equatoria State had reduced to seven from the original eight as a result of the provisional naming of Lafon/Lopa as a payam due to the political impact it had created in the State.

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