Referendum Preparations: S.Sudan Anthem on the Way

As the referendum fast approaches, a group of South Sudanese intellectuals are working on the composition of the South Sudan National Anthem.

By Waakhe Simon

JUBA – 16 September 2010 (Gurtong) - The anthem which is now with the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) Political Bureau is entitled South Sudan Oyee!.

The chairperson of the Committee in charge of the composition Joseph Abuk tod the press in Juba yesterday that the move to compose the anthem is in preparation for an independent South Sudan.

A committee member and columnist with the Khartoum Monitor English newspaper Dr Thou Loi said that nine out of every ten South Sudanese want the independence of South Sudan comes January 9, 2011.

“The achievement of the independence of South Sudan is inevitable”, he said.

Prior to selecting the poems that would possibly be adopted as the national anthem, the committee selected two from a list of 49 submissions, which were then forwarded to the SPLM Political Bureau.

“It is now from here that it will go to creative artists who will come up with the final tune of the national anthem”, said Abuk.

He announced that the preliminary outcome of the selected anthem will be known on September 28.

Among those in  the eight – member team of the national anthem committee are Joseph Abuk, the chairperson and members Akello John, head of SPLA’s Information, Public Relation, Protocol and Ceremonies Brigadier General Malaak Ayuen Ajok, Dr Thou Loi, Apal Toby Maduot,musician Paulino and  Mayom Bul Atem who is the committee’s secretary. 

Below is the proposed South Sudan anthem:

“Southern Sudan National Anthem
Title: South Sudan Oyee!

Oh God!
We praise and glorify
For your grace upon Cush,
The land of great warriors
And origin of world’s civilization.

Oh Cush!
Arise, shine, raise your flag with the guiding star
And sing songs of freedom with joy,
For peace, liberty and justice
Shall forever more again.

Oh black warriors!
Let’s stand up in silence and respect,
Saluting millions of martyrs whose
Blood cemented our national foundation.
We vow to protect our nation.

Oh Eden!
Land of milk and honey and hardworking people,
Uphold us united in peace and harmony.
The Nile, valleys, forests and mountains
Shall be our sources of joy and pride

So lord bless South Sudan!”

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