Signing of Our Freedom Deserves a Worthy Instrument.

"The signing of separation by the SPLA deserves a pen which carries in its ink the heart and soul of the people,"

By Garang Deng

The signing of separation by the SPLA deserves a pen which carries in its ink the heart and soul of the people, the acknowledgment and blessing of those who cannot vote, and the spirit of those who have demised fighting for what god will give the people of South Sudan on the 9th of January 2011.
As a contribution to the separation of South Sudan, I, Garang Manyok Garang Deng De’Kuek and my family, offer to the government of South Sudan, a pen which represents and carries the blessing of two and a half million brothers and sisters who have died fighting for our freedom.
With this pen, the people of South Sudan will be freed from the suffering, the misfortune, and the pain which has plagued our people since the beginning of Islamic rule.

With this pen, the signing  for the freedom and the future  of  South  Sudan  will bring  hope and life to our children,  it will give them  the  proper childhood they  deserve, a childhood without the horrors of war, a childhood were they wake up not to the piercing noise of gunfire, but to the comforting voice of their mothers, a childhood which allows the gift of education without boundaries, education which will shape the future of our country.
With this pen, the works of those who have demised fighting for our freedom like Dr.  John Garang will feel the drum beat of happiness from their resting place, finally allowing their souls to rest peacefully knowing that the war is over and the people of South Sudan are free.
My father Manyok Garang Deng  De’Kuek, contributed 18 years of his life as a member of the SPLA from 1983 – 2001, to this day he stills works to support the people of South Sudan  as a financial broker for the Sudanese community of Australia, his work has allowed young South Sudanese men an opportunity to marry and develop a family. 
My brothers and sisters I ask that you support the idea of an instrument of peace that carries the heart and soul of the people. I hope, with your support that the pen in which the separation of South Sudan is signed with carries meaning and value.
By: Garang Manyok Garang
Melbourne, Australia

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