Opening remarks by H.E Min. of Local Govt & Law Enforcement at the opening of Commisioners Forum

H.E the Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement H.E Joseph Gai Riak on the opening of the Unity State Commissioners forum on the 27th – 29 September 2010

Government of Southern Sudan
Unity State Bentiu
Ministry of Local Government and Law Enforcement
Your Excellency the Acting Governor Unity State, Deputy Governor and Minister of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development
Your Excellency Speaker of the Unity State Legislative Assembly
All protocols observed
Honorable Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen

Good morning,
May I take this opportunity to welcome you with all your respective ranks and position to this wonderful day of the commissioners’ forum. A day that manifested itself to honour the long struggle of our martyrs and veterans who had given their lives for our liberty and freedom.

Your Excellency,

The idea of the local Government in its essence is a British foundation. It came as a solution to the difficulties and challenges.
When the British colonized Sudan in 1898, they found that it was very difficult for them to rule so vast a region from the center so they came up with the new system of Local Government whereby the new condominium Sudan was divided into 9 provinces. But because the intention of the British Administration in Sudan was not to share and participate the people in decision making and provision of services to the people of the rural areas but to improve and collect natural resources their system was met with resistance and they left Sudan with nothing behind as a legacy but this system of the Local Government. Yet it was very unfortunate that those who handed over the rule from the colonizers again committed the same mistake of putting themselves as new colonizers. Again their rule was rejected by the Southern people and the two civil wars erupted in Sudan of which the Southern people are now preparing themselves for secession because our northern brothers failed to introduce as good brothers but enemies.

Now that our hero and the martyr Dr. John Garang De Mabior left us with this good legacy and vision of taking the towns to the people which means provision of services, it has become upon us to whether we as stake holders detect the loopholes and fill the gaps of the previous regimes of the old Sudan that brought about civil wars and provide through the implementation of this Act good services to our rural people who have really suffered a great deal or else we will still lag behind with crisis still on our shoulders. This I believe and I am confident that our active participation in this forum will determine how best we can change and transform our people from chaos and life of misery to better life full of hope and prosperity.
May God bless this forum and bless our Government and its leadership.
Thank you. 


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