Bor County Headquarters to Be Moved to Werkok Boma

BOR, February 17 (Gurtong) – The Bor County headquarters, is to be moved to Werkok Boma, 12 miles north east of Bor town.

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By Kur Madul de Jongkuc

While addressing a press conference, Jonglei State Governor, Lieutenant General Kuol Mayang Juuk, said that the move has been taken in a bid to enhance development within the State.

“We expect to have a reduction in rural-urban migration since there will be the availability of services near the people”, said General Juuk.

He added that the relocation had been slowed down by mixed grumbling from the citizens of the county, a matter which has since been solved.

The Commissioner of Bor County, Brigadier General Abraham Jok Ariang, who was also present at the press conference, said that the idea to transfer the county headquarters came up in 2006.

He added that the idea was rejected by a simple majority three times due to the short timeframe and lack of a proper budget to open up public utilities.

Brigadier Ariang appealed to the State Governor to give them more time to negotiate with the entire Bor community rather than give orders that would affect the community in the long run.

A member of the legislative assembly said it was improper for the state leaders to carry out orders without consultations and negotiations with the community.

Werkok community is part of Makuac Payam, one of the five Payams in Bor County and witnessed the completion of the construction of its first road two weeks ago. The road connects Werkok to Bor town.

Editors Note:
In the story carried yesterday titled: Jonglei State Headquarters to Be Moved to Werkok Boma, we erroneously mentioned that Jonglei State headquarters was to be moved to Werkok Boma. We have since learnt that it is the Bor County headquarters that will be moved from Bor town (the Jonglei State headquarters) to Werkok Boma.
We apologise for the error and any inconveniences caused.

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