Peer Education on HIV/AIDS in Yambio

Secondary school students in Western Equatoria State are being targeted in efforts to fight the alarming rise in the spread of HIV/AIDS in the state.

By Clement Gbatanawo.

YAMBIO, 30 October 2010 (Gurtong) – A non-governmental organisation, World Vision International and the Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB) have organised a peer educators’ workshop for secondary schools within Yambio County.

One of the organisers of the workshop Victor Kon told the press at Yabongo Girls’ Secondary School on Thursday October 28, 2010 that similar workshops will be extended to the counties.

“The workshop is aimed at educating the students who are at a high risk of contracting the deadly disease. The students will be sensitised about the dangers of HIV/AIDS as well as imparting on them the basic skills of living with the people infected with the disease”, Kon said.

The Directorate of Co-curricular Activities in State Ministry of Education in collaboration with World Vision initiated debating competitions in the primary schools in June 2010 in Yambio and Nzara counties as a step to assess the levels of the capacity of the pupils on HIV/AIDS.

A teacher at the school told reporters that the workshop will greatly change the attitudes of the students.

She urged the students to take the lessons as part of their life in order to cater for their family members who are living with the disease to avoid the risk of further infections.

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