NCP Brings Unity Campaigns to Bentiu

The Unity support fund delegation last week visited Unity State in a bid to campaign for unity in the January referendum.

NCP Brings Unity Campaigns to Bentiu
The South Sudan Referendum vote symbols.

By Luk Riek Nyak

BENTIU, 15 November 2010 (Gurtong) - The team headed by Dr Abdalkadir Abdalla and Tepitha Butrus arrived in the state capital Bentiu to route for unity and peaceful referendum.

The campaign that was attended by high level leadership of the Unity support fund from the North was also attended by the chairperson of Unity State’s Referendum Commission and observers from the Carter Center.

“The two partners are working hard to resolve the outstanding issues of the CPA which include Abyei and border demarcation”, said Abdalla.

“Making unity attractive will make the people of Sudan to be strong and thus will be able to protect this country together”, said Butrus.

She added that the signatories to the CPA are still committed to bringing everlasting peace and security to Sudan and its people.

“Making unity attractive is a commitment of the CPA partners and the right of the people should be respected. The system of governance which is based on democratic principles of inclusion and transparency, respect for diversity, equitable wealth and power sharing, and respect for human rights should be upheld”, she said.

The chairperson of Unity State Referendum Commission Michael Mayil Chol urged the two partners to respect the right of the people of South Sudan whatever the vote outcome.

The National Congress Party (NCP) chairperson in Unity State Stephen Pei Beliew who is also the State Minister of Parliamentary Affairs urged eligible voters to fully participate in the coming registration.

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