Registration Challenges in Greater Kapoeta

Referendum staff in the greater Kapoeta are facing a number of challenges as the registration exercise progresses.

Registration Challenges in Greater Kapoeta
A referendum registration centre at Nyong in Torit County.[©Gurtong]

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 20 November (Gurtong) – An interview with the county sub-committee chairpersons of two Kapoeta East and Kapoeta South counties revealed that water shortage is among the key problems the staffs face.

The staffs have also complained of the long distances between the registration centres in the three counties of Kapoeta East, South and North.

The officials added that communication is still difficult between the referendum staff in the field and then sub-committees’ headquarters in the counties and state.

The Kapoeta South County Referendum sub-committee chairperson Pastor James Lokuda Kadanya told Gurtong in a telephone interview that turnout was still poor as most residents are busy harvesting their crops.

Pastor Kadanya said women were the most affected as they are mostly involved in the harvesting process.

The Kapoeta East County Referendum sub-committee chairperson Hellen Siyama Pasquale said most of the challenges have been addressed and registration was well on course.

“Initially we did not have enough water for the staff but the referendum committee brought in enough water and food supply to all areas including the isolated registration centres of Jie, Mogos, Nari and Narus”, she said.

Meanwhile, communication breakdown has greatly hampered the registration process in Kimotong and Lotukei in Budi County.

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