GOSS Roads Ministry Constructs South Sudan-Ethiopia Road

The Government of Southern Sudan’s Ministry of Roads and Transport has officially started construction of the road linking South Sudan and Ethiopia.

GOSS Roads Ministry Constructs South Sudan-Ethiopia Road
Road construction works in the South Sudanese capital Juba.[File]

MALAKAL, 22 November 2010 – (Sudan Radio Service) – Addressing a press conference in Malakal Airport on Sunday, the GOSS Minister of Roads and Transport Anthony Lino Makana outlined the importance of the road.

 “This visit came about because of the construction of the road connecting Malakal, Nassir, Jakow through Maiwut and Pagak. This road is of importance and that is why three of the GOSS ministers me included have come here to officially launch this program that is also going to connect us with Ethiopia”, said Makana.

“ This road is important because it will ease the transportation of goods and services between South Sudan and Ethiopia and also enhance the commercial sector, thus the economy will also benefit”, he added.

Meanwhile, the general manager of operations at the Ayat Construction Company said they will construct six bridges on the road.

He said they are going to ensure that the road is ready before the next rainy season.

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