Media Monitoring of Referendum in Sudan

The Sudan Media and Elections Consortium (SMEC) was established in January 2010 to implement a project on media and elections in Sudan. Following the successful completion and reporting on the Media coverage of the April 2010 elections, the SMEC was once more contracted to undertake a number of media related activities in relation to the Southern Sudan Referendum of January 2011. Monitoring media coverage of politics and referendum is one of the two components of the project in parallel with training and mentoring programme for the journalists and media houses.

This report contains the main findings concerning media coverage of the referendum campaign, of the silence period as well as of the voting days. This is the second report to be produced on media monitoring activities conducted by SMEC1. Monthly reports will be published in February and March with a final report in April 2011.

Starting from mid-December 2010, the SMEC has been carrying out a targeted monitoring focusing on referendum coverage, agenda setting, offensive speech related to referendum as well as media developments during and after the campaign period. The methodology includes both quantitative and qualitative tools for media analysis.

The monitoring takes place in two joint media monitoring units, one in Khartoum and one in Juba. The SMEC observes three TV stations during prime time, six radio channels during peak times and fifteen newspapers on a daily basis. The media included in the sample have been selected according to a number of criteria, including territorial reach, estimated audience and circulation.

Click HERE for the full report.

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