Vivacell Penetrates Eastern Equatoria State

Mobile telephony operator Vivacell has embarked on extending its operations in Eastern Equatoria State.

Vivacell Penetrates Eastern Equatoria State
Torit residents utilise mobile telephony for their communication needs.[©Gurtong]

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 14 February 2011 (Gurtong) – In its bid to take services closer to the rural communities in the state, the company has projected erecting 40 transmission boosters in the area.

The company’s senior site acquisition officer Celso Agole Putha told Gurtong in Torit  that  construction of base stations is already underway in Goejok, Magwi town, Ibona, Kormush and Imurok.

“The boosters currently operational are in Moli, Pageri, Nimule and Torit while new ones are expected after our successful tour of Loriyok in Budi County, Kapoeta town of Kapoeta
South County and Narus town of Kapoeta East County”, he said.

Agole added that other boosters will be built in Lolim, Kapoeta East County, Loyoro in Kapoeta East County, Napotpot in Kapoeta East County and Lobira in Ikotos County.

“We have obtained pieces of land after successful meetings with local authorities of Chalamini and Lobalua villages where we will set up our boosters and we are happy that the communities have welcomed the development”, he said.

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