Abyei Demonstration in Washington DC June 4


Abyei Ngok Community Association – USA th, 2011 th, 2011. The rally will be held to protest and condemn the inhuman acts of aggression by Sudan’s National Congress Party (NCP) and its military wing the Sudan Armed Forces, by invading, looting and burning the town of Abyei, after killing many innocent civilians, a criminal act that resulted in the displacement of thousands of women and children from their homes and area all together. th, real peace can be achieved by fully implementing the 2005 Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) which is a road map for solving the deadlock in Abyei. CPA implementation would address South Kordofan grievances and that of Southern Blue Nile which another crucial area in need of special attention in the center of Sudan, while providing a peaceful secession for South Sudan.

Event Contacts: Abyei Association USA

Nuba Mountains Association USA

Achual Alor 1-801-833-3719

Bokthok Siyr 1-937-718-6996

Gafar Kangam 1-571-331-2834

Ibrahim Alhag 1-703-209-4592


P.O. BOX 613001

Dallas, TX 75261-3001

Press Release

Sunday May 29, 2011

Sudan’s Abyei and Nuba Mountains Diaspora Rally

Freedom Plaza, Washington D.C

Saturday June 4

12:00 – 5:00 p.m.

Abyei Ngok Community in the US in collaboration with South Kordofan/Nuba Mountains Community, urge you to joint them as they stage a demonstration at the Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C on Saturday June 4

Also, NCP’s aggressions on Abyei came after NCP high jacked the gubernatorial election in South Kordofan State, in early May of this year, through fraud by declaring the ICC wanted Ahmed Haroun as a winner, Haroun is accused of committing war crimes in Darfur. The rally will also call for real peace in Sudan as its southern part prepares for independence on July 9

Therefore, Abyei and Nuba Mountains communities joined by Sudan diaspora and peace advocates, urge the international community to intervene now and help bring a lasting peace in Sudan after many years of Civil wars. The situation in Sudan must be given full attention to prevent any farther atrocities as it’s the case in Abyei at the moment, so we hope you will come and help us get the attention of our leaders and that of the international community.

Office of General Secretary, Abyei Ngok Community Association – USA

Phone: 1-937-718-6996/1-402-637-5889 Email: mbsiyr5@yahoo.com ; Bokthok@gmail.com


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