EES Is Set For Independence Celebrations

Eastern Equatoria State officials have confirmed to Gurtong that construction of the celebrations site, entertainment preparations, police marching drills among other general preparations for independence are complete in readiness for the day; said Mr. David Kamuye, the lead site inspector.

EES Is Set For Independence Celebrations
EES forces practicing near the constructed podium for the upcoming celebrations [©Gurtong]

By Peter Lokale Nakimangole

TORIT, 2nd June, 2011 [Gurtong] –  The first and second shade were done by yesterday and shall officially be handed over to the State Government this weekend to avoid further delays, the inspector clarified.

Kamuye said that the beams and columns casts were complete early this week, the trusses were fixed by yesterday afternoon but the roofing will be done by end of today.
“Marayen Noble Construction Company Ltd was contracted for various constructions at the venue after a through bidding process by the State Government,” Kamuye told Gurtong at the site.

The managing Director for Marayen Noble Construction Company Ltd, Mr. Barnaba Orom Ekol who also spoke to Gurtong at the Construction site said that they had actually been working 24 hours in order to meet the strict deadlines.

He clarified to Gurtong that they were done constructing the northeast and the south east VIP shades facing each other in a professional pattern. Ekol added that each shade can accommodate up to 900 people.

Ekol also said that apart from the two shades, his company is constructing a podium and a slab platform for raising the new State’s flag.

He disclosed that the venue construction’s budget his company received from the State Government of EES was at 308,000 SDG; withdrawn from the celebrations budget which according to the State Governor stands at one million SDG alocated to the State by the Government of Southern Sudan.

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03/07/2011, 12:49 AM
 - Posted by Philip Michar
Great job EES for your preparation to celeberate our big day a head but remember those Dinka Nyamoyhit killed by during liberation struggles. Please pray for their innoncent blood.

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