Friendly Advice To The People of South Sudan

"It is not wise to try to prove something, it is wise to try to change things. Change is often the need that can help a society like ours."

From Moses Matthew in Korea

First, I would like to congratulate all the South Sudanese for the arrival of independence. It is time to remember to thank our Creator for His grace and compassion towards us and our neighbors.

As we look back, we can feel the horror or the nightmare that coincided with the struggle and the loss of lives. We can feel how starvation and internecine fighting ravaged our lands. All this is behind but we should be mindful of the sacrifices made by those who did not live to see the day of freedom.

We need to continue to treat each other with respect and value the rule of law and the sense of what is right and fair so that our society avoids becoming one that is ungrateful. When people are ungrateful they become opportunistic and they develop the habit that lacks  a sense of gratitude towards those who help them, and lack of remorse to those they have mistreated or taken advantage of. This kind of attitude is bad for our new society.

We are entering an era of dramatic changes linguistically, developmentally and socially. We used to be an Arabic-speaking community, now we are becoming a community that speaks English. Western culture is also within our reach despite the remoteness of the locations. While we celebrate we need to realize the enormity of challenges around us.

In order to overcome the challenges there is a need for cooperation to exchange and accommodate ideas that can help build a new country within a short period of time. I am concerned that although the old Sudan is now in the form of two sovereign states, the grudges and complaints will continue to distract. The rebels in the South, the new currency issue and the border conflict. These and more will continue to weaken the government of South Sudan if it does not bravely focus on the needs of the people and the necessity to address the healthcare issue.

I know there are those who will be dreaming for power and this can create a bad impact on the economy and the security.

As we know time flies like an arrow. Let us try to make good use of it. Let us do what we can to work together to educate and promote good health programs in the South so that there are good hospitals and our education system gets better. I believe the government is working hard on these issues, however, it does not hurt to hear someone like me advocating swift actions.

Many countries are rushing into ours. Let us see that they do not take our wealth away through a smile and business schemes. Let us see that they truly invest and the country is blessed rather than exploited. While we welcome them with a warm smile, let us also gaze on the realities of investments and the impact they could create. For our government I often urge the officials to not neglect those who are educated abroad. Dr. Garang mentioned long time ago that the country needs those who are living in other countries to develop it. The idea that someone is coming to displace a government official due to his ability to do so or the level of education he has reached often becomes the obstacle to cooperation among our brothers and sisters from South Sudan.

The other concern is that those who come from other countries are often treated with contempt and their ideas are not allowed to be used and this can take the country backward. There is a need for innovation and mondernization. When our brothers and sisters come home they have the desire to help in terms of development so that we can live in an environment that is modern and sophisticated for our good as citizens and the foreigners who will come to live with us as they invest in our cities.

We also need to avoid being seen by other foreigners as enemies or rivals in the world of politics or social realms. The notion of trying to impress others that you are smarter than your brothers and sisters often creates an awkward scenario and the foreign visitors can capitalize on that to exploit the opportunities because the constituents are being caught up in the war of who is smarter and who is not.

It is not wise to try to prove something, it is wise to try to change things. Change is often the need that can help a society like ours. Evidence and proof are not for us to expose, but they naturally work their way towards us.

It is good fellow citizens to thank our Creator for keeping us safe. He has given us the freedom we longed for for years. It is now our responsibility to treat each other considerately and work for the good of all. Congratulations and it is my prayer that God blesses our country and our neighbors

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