CAACBA Congratulates South Sudan

"We note with joy that about 15 Presidents and Prime Ministers of Black African countries came to the celebrations"

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The Committee Against Arab Colonialism in Black Africa (CAACBA) congratulate Republic of South Sudan
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CAACBA congratulates South Sudan
CAACBA (the Committee Against Arab Colonialism in Black Africa) hereby heartily congratulates the people and Government of the Republic of South Sudan for winning their independence. We salute their courage and persistence in waging their protracted liberation war, which began in 1955; a war that has finally liberated them from the dungeons of Arab colonialism; Arab dungeons where, throughout the last two centuries, they suffered enslavement, racism, Arabization, religious persecution, second-class citizenship, genocide and other evils, ever since Egypt’s Mohammed Ali Pasha sent an expedition in 1821 to conquer Sudan.
“South Sudan! O yeah!”
In the land of the ancestors, the spirit of John Garang must be pleased at this victory that he masterminded.
We hear that Gen. Joseph Lagu, who co-started the Anya-nya phase of the war of liberation back in 1963, took part in the proclamation and celebration of your independence on July 9. We salute him.
We note with joy that about 15 Presidents and Prime Ministers of Black African countries came to the celebrations, including those of Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Zimbabwe.
Now that they have come and seen for themselves the dismal condition in which South Sudan was kept under Arab Colonialism, we urge them to mobilize help for South Sudan’s development and to prepare to provide diplomatic and military support to South Sudan if Khartoum dares to resume its war of colonialist aggression on South Sudan.
We also urge these black African presidents to mobilize Black World support for the African victims of Arab colonialism in other parts of Sudan, e.g. Darfur, South Kordofan, and Nubia so they too can liberate themselves.
We hope South Sudan will continue to resist Arab neo-colonialism wherever it rears its head, including in the African Union.
We pledge to continue and develop our work of educating Pan-Africanists on Arab imperialism and its horrors. And we, in particular, pledge to keep urging Pan-Africanists to support the struggles by the black Africans of Darfur, Abyei, Kordofan etc. to liberate themselves from the racist Arab colonialist regime in Khartoum.
Chinweizu Chinweizu
Coordinator of CAACBA.
16 July 2011

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